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warwizardwarwizard Member Posts: 11
I love Bg2 with ToB and it is my favorit rpg among a considerable amount of rpgs I played.

I think ever since 2011 when I stumbled over Bg2 (yeah...pretty late but better late than never specially in this case) I finished the game prolly around 5 - 8 Times. Not sure. But I think once a year or 24 months tops inbetween. After a while I always really wanted to play it all again.

Never tried the enhanced version before though so this was my first time with the ee.

Checked here and one other place concerning mods that are recomended and chose the banter pack, unfinished business and installed strategem and tried bg2s 'heart of fury' mode on insane difficulty. I wouldnt have tried that if I had chosen a new group but I used my favorit group and class, a group with skills that Im very familar with cause out of those maybe 8 runs I played this goup and class at least one third of the time. I went as far as Darnise keep (is that how you write it, can never remember that name) and kinda liked that fights were different. That you had to rely on summons way more heavily. At least thats the strat I used and I love summons and summoners anyway and loved having like 4 skeletons, a planetar and a elemental prince as the welcome wagon in front of my team.

But I know that normal fights were difficulty and monsters werent changed drastically, played differently. And I wanted to experience the enhanced version with the mods (really like the banter and unfinished business mods. I recognized several things that I cant remember from other runs) in the classic way. Felt like its more fun to keep this as a second experience and so I restarted without that mode (cant remember the name but in my defense im not completly sober now) and now im basically through, im standing in pocket plain and my group is preparing to put an end to Melissan.

For the first run I also wanted my favorit group and playstyle.

Main char is a multiclassed FM, elve for higher dexterity and the longsword aptitude which would dual wield a combo of long swords, katanas and also hammers starting at mid to late game in soa. Spellswords always were the class that I love more than any other class just in terms of what I consider to be most awesome. And spellswords are like fuc**** warwizards überpowerful jedi masters. Buffed up with a monster load of magic protection and skills and buffs, fantastic gear and magically enhanced speed, spriting over the battlefield with warp speed, hacking powerful monsters with überhuman speed and strength to pieces haha.

I know I a nerd but that is my class.

So, I did play other constellations too but when I tried out the enhanced version in the last 2 weeks up to now I wanted my favorit way to play.

To make it short......I really loved and love the ee version. Game runs much smoother, loading times, even group movement behavior has been significantly improved and the zooming in and out is fanstatic and everything just seems more streamlined. Im not sure how the ee version was rated cause I was too interested in trying it out myself but I saw a review on youtube where somebody said its okay but you dont necessarily need it you can just go with the old/standard version.

I gotta say.....I really liked it. Very smooth, zooming, some changed effects and a pretty big number of things I saw when experiencing them. I think the ee version provides a very good bg2 experience now. Really liked it and also loved the banter and unfinished business mod or was that already in the ee version. Not sure. I know I installed it or realized its already in the game. Definitly installed the banther pak though. And I buffed a few enemies in the game via strategem but only a select few.

Well done and I had a blast, and the game is better now than it was ever before. Still the best rpg in my eyes and it amazes me again and again, that the game stays awesome. I never think 'ohhh....visuals so bad and take away the fun' when playing bg2. Its different with other games or many other games but after a few moments where I still rationally observe the style and graphics I get absorbed again and get sucked in and the visisuals are perfect. Somehow the game looks good the way it looks. Like a timeless beauty haha.

So, ill play this for a long time I think and personally i would give the ee a very good rating. I would definitely tell somebody who wants to play bg2 to get the enhanced version and also at least those 2 mods I used. Cause banter pack is fantastic, naturally cant remember the name of the modder or modders but aweseome work and same with unfinished business and also the enahnced version in general. I saw a ton of things which are smoother now or better or different in a good way.

Just wanted to compliment devs for actually enhancing prolly one of the for me very best pc games ever created.

Definitely was an upgrade to the already awesome game.

Party I used was of course:

The FM spellsword dualwielding
Korgan as my secondary tank
And Nalia

They did very good too.

Oh, and one thing....and im not joking. Ive played bg2 quite a few times in the last 8 years. And no shit, this is the first time I actually slept with jaheira. Never got that far cause the romance basically always (like actually 100 % till now) kinda ran into trouble and just stopped or didnt progress and I never used the console or mods to manually progress the romance. Think cause I was too lazy mostly.

So now it worked for the first time and Jaheira is in love with me.

So...good work.

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