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The Lore of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Hello everyone.
I am in the process of creating my party to live once again the story of the great game that is IWD:EE, but this time, instead of creating some munchkin characters without any good background, I've decided to put more time into their creation and give them nice backstories and personalities.
All was going well, I worked through the "numerical part" of the creation process, chose the right portraits , voices, and names for my entire party, and then approached the most delicate part: the backstory. Now, I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I decided to create those backgrounds as much accurate as possible, looking throughout my FR manuals for the right references. But here I encountered a big problem: IWD takes place in 1281 DR, almost 100 years before the set of the first FR Campaign Setting!
Now I'm not sure about what to do. Is there any piece of lore regarding that century? Is there any way to read about those times and create some stories coherent with the rest of the setting, or do I have to make up almost everything? Please, if you can, help a fellow researcher out!
Thank you in advance for your help.



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