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In game answers to Rift area bridge questions

Thanks to various walk throughs I know the answers to get the bridge fixed. However where are the clues for this in the actual game ?


  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,142

    There are no clues in game for the answers, just the questions themselves.

    You are "supposed" to be wise enough/clever enough to work out the correct responses.

    (Though from my POV, the last answer is a bit meh, plenty of reasons one could say the other answers would be correct)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,653
    in my experience the best answer is the one that summons a skeletal warrior that fight you, as you can have a lot of completely legittimate extra experience ( as you are using an intended feature of the game, not exploiting some hole in game's mechanics the developers were not aware of) and collect a lot of +1 swords that can make you rich quite early or at least let you buy some really useful item that in early game you can not afford if you don't abuse of thieving potion stacking.

    using walk troughs is useful if you are stuck at some point of the game and can't progress no matter how you try, and this is not the case, or to discover things that you missed in your not spoiled first runs.
    i suggest you to "forget" all what you learned using them and have at least 2 or 3 not spoiled runs before you use them again.

    i suspect that some of the damage is already done, you can not easily erase information from your brain, but walk troughs spoil all the fun and surprise of the first runs. the purpose of the first runs is live an adventure, optimizing and completionism come later...
    if i remember my first not spoiled runs, as at the time i did not even had an internet connection, i smile thinking about how i was ineffective in playing and how many things i missed ( ie i never discovered the twisted rune optional encounter), but i remember them also as fantastic adventures where the dragons was the powerful enemies that are supposed to be (now i have knowledge enough to eat them for breakfast even with under leveled parties) and in every quest i had only the next battle to face, then what was expecting me after it was completely unknown.

    try to not spoil yourself of this fun, you can have it only 1 or few times, and we old seasoned players really envy you cause is something that we will never be able to live again.

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