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SCL(Sword Coast Legends) EE??

thruddthrudd Member Posts: 96
Guy's At Beamdog, You Should Look into Doing A Sword Coast Legends EE!!!! The game had Soooooo Much Potential its too Bad the Company Folded up. Just The Dungeon Tool alone would be AWESOME!!! Making new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.... And the Graphics are not That bad! At least look into it....



  • spacejawsspacejaws Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 363
    I actually quite liked the layout and graphics kinda like Kingmaker. Would suit more stories in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape and even Neverwinter Nights(although I’d love tomsee it in something akin to Knights of the Old Republic engine). Pillars suits the style quite well but there’s something ridgid about the characters and world thats a but off for me.

    If Beamdog could get a hold of the Sword Coast Legends I’d live to see what stories and systems they’d cook with it.

  • kanisathakanisatha Member Posts: 1,118
    Yeah I felt the game got a lot of unfair criticism, in that although the coop play game and DM tools shortcomings definitely justified the criticism the single-player game was actually quite good and interesting. And since I only care about single-player, I rate the game a lot better than most other people.

  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    The characters and plot where actually quite good. It's just the implementation (or lack thereof) of the D&D 5e rules that sucked.

    Rather than an "EE", I think a remake in the NWN engine would be worthwhile. I suspect it would have to be a fan project rather than commercial, for legal reasons.

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