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Seeking opinions on my next run(spoilers)

Hello Friends!

I have just completed my evil run and am looking to start my next one. Here are the parameters:
BGEE with SCS and NPC project
BG2EE with Ascension and SCS
No SoD (don’t own it)
Core difficulty.
Full party.

The options:
1) F9-> Druid dual. I would end up with these parties:
BG 1:
Ajantis, Safana, Neera(and if I can’t stand her, Xan), Quayle, Faldorn
BG 2:
Keldorn, Jan, Aerie, Anomen, Neera (or Valygar or Nahlia if I can’t stand her)

However... do I dual from a Wizard Slayer and go Darts/Staff, or from a Zerker and go Dagger/Staff?

2) F/C multiclass canon run:
Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Minsc, Dynaheir
Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen, Mazzy, Nahlia and replace either of the last two in ToB with Sarevok.

But, do I go classic dwarf F/C or try something I’ve never seen before and go gnome F/C?!?!? No dwarven thrower, though. 😭

One other idea: go F/M/C!!

Any thoughts?



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,339
    for the fighter to druid, if you are going melee, i would do berserker instead of wizard slayer, the measly 7% magic resistance and enemy mage casting failure wont really make up for the loss of cewl magic items ( at least in my opinion)

    as for weapon choice i would go scimitar, either dual wield or sword and board

    but if you do go ranged than wizard slayer might be a better option especially if you want to do the dart route

    but if i were doing this run, i would do berserker -> druid and use scimitar(s)

    for fighter/clerics

    dwarves are better because they don't get a penalty to wisdom ( like gnomes do ) but gnomes can have 18 DEX and CHA ( at least in the beginning ) in mid bg1 a dwarf can crank their DEX to 18, so now its basically, what do you want instead; 21 WIS, 17 CHA or 20 WIS, 19 CHA ( if you even plan to have your CHA that high )

    gnomes also dont get the save vs death saving throw bonus that dwarves get ( although clerics already start off with a nice bonus and i believe they get down to 2 at max saving throw level )

    so shorty wise, dwarves are better

    or if you want to do something a bit more fun, try a half-orc fighter cleric, only disadvantage is that you wont get the shorty save bonus, but you can start with a killer 19 STR/CON 18 DEX and 18 WIS ( shazam ) an absolute monster to be sure, with tomes you can have a default 20 STR/CON in bg1 and then with draw upon holy might you can crank 'er up to 22 each ( and even hitting 21 DEX if you give this holmes the tome of DEX and you had 18 DEX to start with )

    with the F/M/C it will definately be an interesting run ( although i think only half-elves can do this class, or maybe gnomes as well..... ) the one thing to note however is that by SoA you will hit level 5 spells relatively quickly, but it will take EONS before you hit your first level 6 spells, and level 7 will be the same, and its entirely possible that you will be at the end of ToB before you even hit level 8 mage spells, my suggestion with this class is play it for the lulz, not really for seriousness, in my opinion a cleric/mage or fighter/cleric or fighter/mage is just more practical and useful, but hey, if you have never played the class, give 'er gas

  • butteredsoulbutteredsoul Member Posts: 164
    Thanks for the insights, @sarevok57 . You know, it was your posts on WS->Druid mage disabling that turned my head in that direction. Question: why do you prefer scimitars over staffs for the druid?

    The Half-Orc idea is quite excellent. Nothing like a str 19 sling stone to ruin a foe's day.

    Dwarves definitely make for a better F/C than gnomes. Good points all around. I suppose the only reason I'd pick gnome is for the novelty. I did a search for gnome F/C on the internet and found nada.

    I think gnome, dwarf, and half-orc would all do nicely with the farting preacher sound-set that I put together. The half-elf F/M/C, not so much (or maybe so if I think of him as half-human).

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,339
    for bg1 scimitars are insanely powerful ( thanks to drizzt's scimitars ) or even in bg2 belm can give you a nice boost for attacks, especially in the off hand

    and usually for melee'ers i like doing weapon and shield over 2 handed weapon style because that AC does make a difference, especially in ToB if that AC difference is -10 over -15

    although, bg1 does have the staff spear which is not too shabby, but i think frost brand and a large shield +1/+2 is better ( infact frostbrand deals as much damage as the staff spear, and it has better to hit, plus it's only one handed )

    the only problem with scimitars in SoA, is that you will not be finding a +3 version that you can use until the drow city, which is a small downside, although the blackblood club in SoA is pretty killer, and i had lots of play throughs were jaheira used that weapon

    now back in the day, staff of the woodlands was the ultimate +4 staff, but i dont think it gives that neato +3 AC bonus anymore unless the armor you are wearing is giving less than that bonus

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