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Auto-pause in NWN

I noticed a user implied that NWN would be difficult to play on mobile, and I tend to agree with those concerns. I don't have any plans to enjoy this title on tablet (only because I don't own a good one yet) but I'm trying to imagine being a newbie to the genre and having to play effectively on such a small device without the added benefits of a mouse.

It may be beneficial for Beamdog to implement auto-pause functionality in Neverwinter Nights EE before releasing on mobile platforms, and to default those settings as enabled on such devices. Correct me otherwise but all the Infinity engine games like Baldur's Gate include auto-pause functionality that triggers when initiating encounters and for some in-combat events. In my opinion, this functionality tends to help users win encounters efficiently and learn the game at a controlled pace. I am absolutely reliant on auto-pause in BG, less so in NWN campaigns but only because they tend to be more reasonable in difficulty and less hardcore. I absolutely cannot imagine myself being able to play without auto-pause on a tablet though.

This isn't going to be an easy game to enjoy on tablets and phones; it's fairly complicated, similar to BG and IWD but maybe less so. There are a number of spells and abilities. To be clear, multiplayer is the gem of Neverwinter Nights but many new users are probably going to familiarize themselves by playing the OC and premium content. Just wondering what people think about this. I'm really hoping mobile contributes towards rekindling NWN but I'm concerned that new users are going to be turned off by the controls.

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