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Highlighting unowned items in stores

FurloSKFurloSK Member Posts: 6
Hi guys,

I just made up a single script that will highlight store items that are not in the inventory of selected character (or contents of opened bag). I normally use it when buying spells or potions, to check if I already have it in my Scroll/Potion Case:
` function groupHasItem(item, groupItems) for k,v in pairs(groupItems) do if item.item.res == v.item.res then return true end end return false end `
and this needs to be added to menu with name STORE_BUYSELL, just before the label responsible for printing the value of item (with text lua "store.storeItems[rowNumber].value"):
label { area 310 0 91 60 enabled "not groupHasItem(store.storeItems[rowNumber], store.groupItems)" rectangle 7 rectangle opacity 150 }
Now I don't have an experience/knowledge to "pack" this code into some sort of patch or UI-mod, so this is all I can offer. It helped me, maybe it will suit others too :smile:

Feel free to use without any restriction, in any form.

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