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"Quest Friendly" Rest Times?

I'm curious if there is a mod that can change the resting lengths to something more fitting for "RP" purposes. Something like 1 hour.

Quests/dialogue and your current situation often make it seem like you need to move quickly. Resting for 8 hours or more ruins the illusion of you doing so.

Sleeping when tired makes sense and you can keep going with the luck penalties until it would be appropriate to rest for 8-16 hours. It's the combat resting that's annoying and unavoidable. Most people probably find this a non issue due to D&D rules or just don't think about it, it's a pet peeve of mine story-wise tho.



  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,455
    Bear in mind that 'for "RP" purposes' (at least in the PnP game) resting includes cooking, eating and cleaning/mending kit. Also, I don't think you would fit much sleep into just one hour if you include removing and refitting your armour (RP-wise).

  • DizzyWarningDizzyWarning Member Posts: 2
    dunbar said:

    Bear in mind that 'for "RP" purposes' (at least in the PnP game) resting includes cooking, eating and cleaning/mending kit. Also, I don't think you would fit much sleep into just one hour if you include removing and refitting your armour (RP-wise).

    There is just no way to differentiate "resting" between stopping to patch up some wounds, catch your breath etc. and sleeping on the job. It's always 8+ hours even if I rested 5 minutes ago.

    I understand BG follows a bunch of D&D rules, so it's not following real life timing, the quests are worded and use urgency as if they are, however. A mod that allowed you to choose how many hours you rest would be great for this.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,822
    RP wise if you are tired you don't go around initiating dialogues and starting quests, you rest.
    so the quests begin as you are fresh and ready. but for some quests you have to travel up to 12 hours, so maybe you can be fatigued, or the party members with low con are.
    also RP wise to go to battles with an exhausted party does make not sense and a rest of only an hour can help only to a very little extent, you need time to recover from a long march or a hard battle.

    from the mechanical point of view, even having an hypothetical mod that allows short resting recovering only parto of the fatigue the fact that spell books and items are recharged would be game breaking, before each major battle you could set the spells memorized customized for the battle and use them with no worry to save some of them and in each battle you could use all your charge items, a simple 1 hour rest after the battle would have you ready to go. rest do much more than resetting fatigue and healing HP.
    about healing i see an other exploit, let your divine casters memorize all the healing spells that they know, rest 1 hour and heal the party then reset the normal spells and rest again, in little more than 2 hours you have the same effect that now can take up to 24 hours of resting if the option to heal completely is activated.

    imo no valid RP reasons for short rests unless you are playing a suicidal charname and too much mechanical problems and exploits opened.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 602
    Usually people handle concerns about RP-unrealistic resting by avoiding the rest button except when it would make sense in-game to press it. I haven't seen a mod that lets you speed up rest to the point where it would seem reasonable RP-wise no matter where you are. That said, game time is an editable variable in eekeeper so you could roll it back 7 hours after each rest if you so chose.

  • AurorusAurorus Member Posts: 194
    I have a sort of general houserule when playing that I will rest in a map only after it is cleared of enemies. Thus I try to plan my spell selections so that I have what I think will be necessary to clear the map. If, for whatever reason, I fail to do so, I leave the map and return to friendlier territory to rest. As to the sense of "hurry" the game often tries to create, I attribute this to the hyperbole of panicky citizens. The warnings of urgency from more grizzled and experienced NPCs tend to more serious: such as the NPCs warning you that their personal quest timer is expiring and to "hurry" their personal quests.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,822
    i have the houserule that if i have a sorcerer in the party from a certain point of the game my toons never sleep :D
    how do i roleplay it? having the power in RL to be fresh like in the early morning using a spell would i sleep or use the night in other useful ways? ;) :p

    the very same reasons that make the OP ask for shorter rests are valid for the correct use (not certainly abuse) of the rest option of the wish spell, is a RP matter, only a charname with very low wis and int stats would waste the time sleeping or let go the party with items not charged and spellbooks half empty as they are in such a hurry and have to face such powerful enemies. :smiley:

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