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So I heard you like skeletons...

The_CheesemanThe_Cheeseman Member Posts: 175
I recently started a trilogy play through of one of my all-time favorite D&D characters, a dark elven necromancer—a real army of the dead type. I have made it my goal to accumulate the largest number of skellybros possible as a cleric/necromancer (which obviously eliminates Project Image cheese). To that end, I recently discovered a wonderful combo: Limited Wish and Soul Eater (from IWDification).

Most people have probably heard of the apocryphal tale of the bunny-nuke using Limited Wish and Wish (which never actually worked), but this combo is much more reliable. Essentially, you summon your “horde” of bunnies, and then drop Soul Eater directly on top of their poor, innocent heads, converting your mob of useless rabbits into an army of 3HD skeletons ready to serve your vile will for several hours (or, more likely, until their deaths).

The skeletons you get are only slightly inferior to the lowest-level skeleton warriors summoned by Animate Dead, so while they aren’t particularly threatening individually, you can toss haste on them and get a pretty nice squad of expendable shock troops to waste enemy resources and soften them up for your real assault. Combine with Stinking Cloud and Cloud of Pestilence for bonus points.

I highly recommend using them at the battle of Bridgefort and Dragonspear Castle for a truly epic showdown.

Anybody else have some fun tips or strategies for an undead army play style? I’m always interested in finding fun new ways to spread death and destruction across the Sword Coast!

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