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Need held understanding the game

Hi folk, I has the Diamond Edition but never really played it. Just bought the EE on GOG, and I need help figuring a few things. I understand BG and IWD most of DnD rule.

Now for NWN, I figured out already that AC is now inversed. The higher the better.

Henchman: Its basically just a sidekick. He won't do much. You can't upgrade him or change his armor or weapons, am I right?

Spells: I play as a Paladin. You learn spell automatically when leveling, so there is no point in keeping all the spells I found in chest or enemy. Or can it serve for a henchman eventually?

Getting deeper into the game, got the 2nd waterdivian creature. Anything I should know?



  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 2,809
    Yep ,AC is the higher the better. Since you're a paladin I understand that you'll be wearing heavy armor, so your dexterity doesnt have to be above 12. Also, with heavy armor you won't be able to use most dexterity based skills effectively, such as parry or stealth , so dont bother adding points to it.

    Henchmen: Officially theres no inventory management for them in the original campaign (but there used to be a mod for that), so it's better if your paladin does the tank job since most of the other henchmen dont really have a decent AC. Also, they have dialogue lines that proceed as you advance character levels ,not chapters ,and by listening to their whole story you get the opportunity to do a quest for them or find some item , and they will give you a nice magic item as a reward. At level 6 you'll be able to have the whole dialogue with any of the henchmen, even those who haven't adventured with you before.

    The original campaign is really helpful with the respawning support, but my advice is to use that magic stone of teleport before you die , because it spares you the xp loss.

    Spells: your paladin has already got the full list of spells available to his level, but you can also cast spells from scrolls and it's good to keep spell scrolls that are useful against most harmful effect such as slow poison, restoration etc .

    Your henchmen cant use scrolls or learn from them.

    As for the waterdavian creatures... well, many of the challenges you'll find will scale to your level, so you're free to explore the city and investigate.

    Oh, one more thing! Have you visited the dwarven blacksmith at the city core? Get his list of recipes and try to have him male as many items as you can , because selling them grants you more money than what you invested making them.

  • ActarusActarus Member Posts: 77
    Thanks for the tips. I don't recall the blacksmith things.

    It's not the merchant selling expensive things near Beggars Nest you are talking about?

    I will clean my inventory with spells and scrolls. Knowing the Paladin automatically has access to spells as he level up, will sell them and make $

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 4,805
    @Actarus , The special craftsman is a dwarf working in the basement of the half-orc's shop near the Hall of Justice in the city core - the shop with a dog out front that barks at you every time you go in. You have to ask the half-orc to show you his special wares before he will tell you about the dwarf and open the basement door for you. Then you have to talk to the dwarf and ask him questions until he gives you a book that tells you the recipes for the magic items he can make - there are a lot of them, and he makes them out of items that you will find throughout chapter one of the game, and probably be wondering what you're supposed to do with them - adamantite, gargoyle's skulls, iron wood, faerie dust, beetle bellies, and the like.

  • ActarusActarus Member Posts: 77
    Ok great, I sold a few of those items already... will check it out

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