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Background: The Tales of Sir Ringo LightingBeard

TorgrimmerTorgrimmer Member Posts: 229
edited October 2018 in Fan Creations
Name/Main Character- Sir Ringo LightingBeard
Companion-Sheryl Silvermoon, Priestess of Helm, Elf
Other Characters: Airabeth, Paladin of Tyr; Lord Nasher, King; Desher, Priest of Helm; Fendrick, Lover of Airabeth.
Origin- Waterdeep
Race- Human
Class- Paladin of Tyr
Tale/Book One- The Plague of Neverwinter.
Rule System- DnD 3.5
Setting- Forgotten Realms
Story's Purpose

Bring back the ideas of chivalry
Bring back the ideas of friendship and loyalty

Teamwork among different cultures, races, and social classes.


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