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Missing map location. Can't complete Heart of Winter

I have been playing through Icewind dale with a solo character from start to finish, but instead of ending the game in easthaven I went to Hjolder and continued to Heart of Winter. I have just completed the gloomfrost seer and received the ice mirror. I then traveled to Lonelywood to resupply before moving to the barbarian camp when I realized the barbarian camp was not on my map. This was strange, as I had already been there. On top of this, many areas I had been to before had gone dark, as if unexplored. I couldn't figure out the reason for the change and so I tried to use console commands to enter the barbarian camp that way, since I couldn't travel conventionally. No dice. Since I started my game in the base game menu, none of the heart of winter areas appeared in my console menu. I am not terribly tech savvy, but I love this games too much to not be able to finish them. Is there any way to fix this so I can enter the barbarian camp and reveal Wylfdane as the monster he is? Thanks in advance.


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