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Rest encounters: how do they work (technical question)

Okay, what I thought I'd know so far:
  • Inspecting any area file with Near Infinity shows the entry "Rest encounters" at the near bottom of the edit tab.
  • Only one definition of this is possible per area file.
  • Besides having a name, this entry defines how many creatures will spawn, the spawning probability and – most important – which creatures will spawn (up to ten single entries).
  • The mechanics, the various parameters and their meanings, are also explained in the IESDP.
  • From experience I would easily confirm these.
But then happened this:
  • AR2400.are – which is called Mind Flayers in Underdark on the wiki for reasons unknown – lists a rest encounter by the name "umbhul01", which is a creature file for an Umber Hulk.
  • In the original Shadows of Amn area file, there are five creatures listed for this encounter that have invalid names – no such creature files exist.
  • In the Enhanced Edition, these entries are removed – now no creature is defined.
  • When resting here (EE) for 37 times, I was woken 11 times by Umber Hulks. And one time by Insane Dwarf Warriors!
The name could be an explanation for the missing creature references: is there no specific entry, spawn the creature by the name of the encounter (speculation).
But where do the dwarves come from? There is only one single creature file with this name, UDDWARF.cre. And searching for references to this file (with NI) yields only a single result: the fixed (not "spawned") single encounter in the same area.
I've searched 2DA, BCS, DLG, IDS and INI files for "uddwarf", but found nothing. I don't understand this.

Is one of all you mechanics, coding and Near Infinity experts able to explain this?

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