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Few questions about BG Mods

SaulerSauler Member Posts: 99
edited October 2018 in General Modding
Hi, i come back recently on bg and i would start a new modded game on BG:EE. I have a few questions about popoular mods:
1-I know there are Tweaks anthology and Atweaks. Is it worth to install first Tweaks anthology or Atweaks? I also install SCS and RR(Rogue Rebalancing)
2-Is it worth to install manually mods or using BigWorldSetup? Last time i used Bigworldsetup i had bad experience because it installed many outdates mods.
3- A Fighter/mage/thief will learn HLA on bg:tob for every class? And also he will learn all stronghold related (Planar sphere, De'Arnise keep and Guild thief)?
4- GUI mods like Dragonspear++ UI, should have install it as last, after all the mods or as first?


  • AasimAasim Member Posts: 591
    1) they are completely different mods, read Readmes
    2) if you're installing more than 10 mods, yes
    3) it depends. Vanilla, you get fighter and thief HLAs and a few mage HLAs. If you remove XP cap, you will be able to select all hlas.
    4) last

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