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IIDW1 AND IWD 2 class ideas or resources/information?

Hey all, it's been awhile and from what I remember classes in IWD2 are somewhat different. I tend to forget how they work every time I pick up the game again. ( mostly the multi classing and non pure classes ) So I was wondering if anyone had any decent guides and/or resources that make understanding multi classing in IWD2 better, or just some class combos that are useful. ( I know you can make a weirdly weak character too if done wrong )

If possible can someone explain the exp too in IWD2? For some reason I remember it being divided differently depending on how many people are in your group or not? Like in a different way than BG/IWD series? Or it got weird when you added in 1-2 new people after running with 4 for awhile? I cant remember.

I am also going to be getting to IDW1 and BG1-2 next so if anyone has any fun class combinations please share those too! I usually run my charname as a cleric/rogue or cleric/thief (multi and dual variants ) so any ideas like that or exotic/rare combinations but still able to hold their own would be neat. ( going base enhanced editions, no extras/mos and IWD2 being the basic too )



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