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HoF sorcerer spells

I’m still working on party composition for a full HoF run (I’ll get as far as Khuldahar and then think something would work better, forcing me to restart).

Sorcerer is one member i know I want though.

By the first fight in the caves, I’ve got web which is absolutely amazing in HoF.

Are there any spells I really need to pick up? Are there any I need to avoid?



  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 293
    For HoF you want summoning spells (because their hit points scale up with difficulty level) and save-or-sleep/die spells like chromatic orb, emotion hopelessness and eventually wail. You can safely discard spells that have hit point limits (because monsters will nearly always exceed them) and you probably don't want very many damage-dealing spells either because they just won't do enough damage to matter on HoF.

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