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World of Isandor - Kingdoms Realm

ChassChass Member Posts: 28

Welcome to the new and improved Isandor experience. Dubbed 'Kingdoms'. We've been working around the clock to bring this update and it's now here!

World of Isandor - Kingdom's is a major update to our persistent world now accessible from our Companion App.
We've expanded the Isandor Lore beyond just the 'lost' style island your stranded on. You can now explore the continents and even take over lands, 'fiefs' or zones. We will get into that shortly.

This is now the World of Isandor. Your initial starting point is stranded on the isle of Isandor. Having to figure out how and why you got there and establish yourself with others a village or common refuge against the many dangers of the world.

With the Kingdoms Add-on. We've made it so that you can now take over points on the world map (By travelling to the point ingame and claiming it) . Once claimed you can govern your land to be what you suit fit. To access this land you'll have to build a Docks on the Isandor islands and built a boat to sail off to that land. Or travel with other player merchants.

Using our new Companion App (Windows/Android) you can see the world map. Your info and basic info of the world. From here you can enter Kingdoms Mode to administer or govern your lands you've claimed ingame.

The location that was taken over is in green. GUI Explanation
A) Starting from the coins Icon. That would be your copper coins bank (once you build a kingdom bank) that is used for trade with other kingdoms.
B) Building Resources - Shows how much building resources collectively in all kingdoms you own. (We are limiting it to one for the moment)
C) Research - This shows how much research points your kingdom has. Used for crafting (+ Crafting modifier)
D) Population - Shows how many civilians are in your kingdoms as a whole. Civilians can be converted to workers, soldiers or knights.
E) Soldiers - Shows how many soldiers readily available to be created and can be henchmen ingame.
F) Rations - Global Rations. Used to feed your people and yourself. if built a Kingdom Tavern you can deduct rations from this bank to your personal character bank (Or other players)
G) XP Bank - This bank is supplied by the player. You can allocate some of your character's XP to the kingdom. You then can transfer this bank to new characters you create (Which auto-starts as a civilian in your kingdom) or use the XP to upgrade buildings.

We've clicked on the site which we've taken over ingame.

The site was barren. We've built a small building ingame to store wood and other building resources which adds it to the kingdom's bank. We used that wood to upgrade the zone to a Medium Village. (There will be many more zones to select over time)

We've now upgraded our land from the small zone to a larger blank village. Players that now come to this land will now be a part of the new village. Players then can now build on this land to their hearts content with our custom building, farming, enchanting, trading and shop systems.

Lots more details can be found here:

We plan to make heavy use of the Companion App to establish trade while your out of NWN. Move your soldiers along the world map. Manage your player/npc village via the app and more.

We've also been updating our official website at:

Server Type: Survival / Roleplaying / Sandbox / Persistent World

Greetings Everyone!
My name is Chass (Chastine) and i've decided to come back to NWN. I've ran numerous PW's that is either cutting edge with lots of custom scripting (i'm a coder by heart). Some can be named such as :

World of Isandor (NWN1)
Xenograph Arms d20 futuristic world (NWN1)
Xenograph Arms II (NWN2)
World of Isandor II (NWN2)
Armistice, A Starcraft Inspired Realm (NWN1)

What I want to do is bring back the cult classic Isandor I for NWN1. I miss NWN and I miss Isandor the most. Since EE is released maybe there will be a good group of roleplayers here.

Persistent World Description:
The world is a lush continent full of fallen civilization materials, Ranging from broken towers, castles and old homes and prisons. They are few and far inbetween. You'll encounter lots of plants, animals and materials that you would have to survive with. The continent is huge. Lots of space and lots of materials for you (and your clan, soon to be village or bustling player city) to work with. Create your own religion (if it gains enough followers the 'gods' may gift you important things. Create your own village rules. etc.

The world is designed to be sandboxed completely. We omit a lot of rulesets and character creation is open (within reason of course).

We will have a multitude of features such as :

Custom Crafting (Chass' Recipe Crafting System)
With our crafting system you no longer sift through pages of pages of CNR recipes, You create them in realtime. Copy and share your recipes with other player villages. With our custom classes each class must rely on eachother to craft materials and borrow recipe sheets to make the target items.

The Isandor Home Building System
Our world is very dynamic. Players can build home interiors using various styles listed. Also with our building system everything is persistent*. You can build your own homes and interior materials.

Custom Spells (Vocal Spells)
Fishing, Farming, Home Building, and so much more.

Custom Village System inspired by the mobile game Shop Titans.

The world is a very expansive continent. The setup is made so you wont get lost however you'll almost always run into another player.

We want you to play and have fun. There is only a base set of rules on the server

Death and dying in isandor :

-6 Second PVP Rule
-Respect players Out of Character, Character roleplay styles and ignore spelling and grammar mistakes.

Isandor Features\

We dont like to brag or show off… okay. Yes we do.
Here in Isandor we offer the following features:

Custom Placeable Building System
-This System allows you to build placeables anywhere in the module.

Custom Home Exteriors
– We allow you to build placeable homes using NWN’s external homes. Build your own village, city and even furnish it with our furniture system that boasts well over 4,000 Placeables

Custom Home Interiors
– Included with the building system are home ‘Interiors’. These interiors are tied to the ‘Interior Door’ and is always instanced making it so that you can literally build your own housing interiors. Ranging from small homes to large towers. Check the website out for a quick view of the housing interiors prior to building them ingame

Isandor Ration System
– Our system isn't too hardcore about food. You consume food to stay above 0 ration points. if you fall below 0. You are considered starving.

Survival and City Building Atmosphere
-This setting is mostly about surviving. Thriving and establishing a mark in the world. Join players in your own or other’s player villages. Create rules. Trade with others or grow the village into tiers.

Building Tier System
Each tier of your village settlement unlocks bonuses to your crafting and structures you can build. Harness Electricity in a Tier 2 Society or Steam in a Tier 1 society. Create Doomsday scenarios in a Tier 5 society or thrive!

Build Fast Travel systems
Fast travel would be Sea Ships, Air balloons and fast travel points. Build your own ships after you build the Docks Interior. Which allows you to build your own ships. Various ships offer various sizes which you can use to store goods or equipment. etc. Use it to travel to various player points in the world.

The world needs players! Give it a try! you may even like it.
It is much different that other worlds.

How to build a home in Isandor:

How to build a home Link

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  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We have officially closed down the 1.69 server and everything including updates have been applied to the EE version of our world. Come join us in our Survival-Village Simulation world. Should see us in the Server Listing as well. Stop by and say hi. I'm always online. Only needs CEP

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We are looking for players to join our new and unique persistent world. Join a world where you can pretty much do anything. During the weekend we will be hosting a variety of events including a 'Getting Familiar' with Isandor series of events. We showcase a LOT of subsystems but they tie into the whole survival and city building aspect of the world. Head on over. We are working to build a fun and enjoyable playerbase.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Getting Familiar with Isandor New Player Event

    We are holding a new player event all day saturday 11/17/2018 in an attempt to build a playerbase here on Isandor. The world is a bit different than most in that it is mostly player ran and player commerce. Lots of things to explore and intricate subsystems to have fun with.

    If you are interested it will be a all day event and i'll be present to assist players ingame to realize their potential ingame to leave their own mark in the Isandor history books.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Greetings everyone!
    We have now completed our dynamic village/city building script system. You are now able to build homes from the ground up in our wilderness survival roleplay realm. Using our dynamic system you build the exterior of homes. You also build the interior of homes to your liking.

    Our persistency system has been upgraded as well in terms of keeping your work safe during updates. You no longer loose persistency of structures build ingame. Added in a lot of flavor text, quality of life changes and so much more!

    We hope to see you ingame.

  • WhitewoodWhitewood Member Posts: 1
    My experiences on the server since joining recently, have been genuinely fun, mesmerizing. Jumping into the world with nothing but the clothes on your back and a sense of survival. Exploring this strange new land to discover locations and other survivors.

    You build yourself from having nothing and finding yourself through RP and interactions between other players, good or bad. You're able to build yourself a camp, or a village if you work hard enough and team up with other players to increase the odds of survival.

    Be a Blacksmith, Farmer, Alchemist, Carpenter, Cook, a couple others, the choice is yours to make, but choose wisely :)

  • Do you have to have CEP or download Hak files?

    Reason why I like Blackstone and Wheel of Time, is that dont have to have Cep, Hak files, and can just click connect and play.

    So if can click connect and play Isandor without having Cep, Hak files, then I might be interested.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We do use CEP. thats it.

    We just updated our website! Containing the most up to date feature list. forums and discord.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Greetings everyone!

    We have just updated our world to include dynamic ship building and lots of buildable interiors such as PVP arenas, Docks and much more. So in your village you can build to your game style / play style. We are including more game mode interiors such as PVC and a League of Legends style game mode arena interior.

    Ship building allows you to travel to new unlocked and randomly procedural islands to build on or trade with.

    Lots of new roleplay systems are in place and since the implementation of Tier 1 buildings you can get access to altering/tailoring your clothes in realtime and much more.

    We are seeking players to join our world as well as a DM for various events ingame. Inquire within on the discord.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Greetings again!

    We have decided to do a bit of rebranding to match the server playstyle and update the main post. We are looking for roleplayers to join our world!  We are also looking for Dungeon Masters as our population increases.  Feel free to check out our discord and join us on occasion for a different experience.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We have some players looking to start a Magic Guild. IF your interested apply within'.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We are back after a bit of a hiatus due to a server attack. Our new server is faster! If your interested in joining our world stop on by! You only need CEP. Server will be up 24/7.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    If your looking for a new and unique experience be sure to check us out. We have some active players looking to roleplay with you!

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    edited October 2019
    [Slot Reserved]

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  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Greetings everyone!
    We have updated our world, it's death rules and hiring new staff.

    We have added a lot of features such as seasons, factorio style crafting and so much more. Even mini-campaigns to this civilization survival world. But the biggest update is to the death system.

    Alot of new players are not too comfortable with HCR (Hardcore Rules) so we've lighten things up a bit and brought back respawning however it is limited. Players can now respawn in what is called the Crystaline Soul Recovery Structure. A structure players build and must keep powered to allow respawns.

    Crystaline Soul Recovery Structure///

    The Respawn chamber is limited to players who's level is 6 and below. If a player dies his soul and partial physical form is transferred to a Crystaline gem. The gem is brought to this structure and put in the soul recovery basin. The soul basin is powered by Thymanium energy to counteract the natural hold the soul gem has on the Isandorian earth.

    Supply Thymanium to the Thmanium Generator in the back room.

    Each recovery costs:

    100 Thymanium Energy Points : Crystaline Gem Recovery
    500 Thymanium Energy Points : Player Respawn (Each button Press)

    Each reset the player MUST come back to this location to bind yourself to this location.

    Beyond Level 6

    If the character that dies is beyond level 6 without a Tier 1 Crystaline Respawn Chamber the soul stays binded to a crystaline gem. after a reset the gem becomes null and void instituting a permanent death.

    Tier 1

    Each recovery costs:

    1000 Thymanium Energy Points : Crystaline Gem Recovery
    5000 Thymanium Energy Points : Player Respawn (Each button Press)

    The range for this is level 6 and above but below level 8.

    Each reset the player MUST come back to this location to bind yourself to this location.

    Beyond Level 8
    Your soul is too 'heavy' to be crystalized. You are now bound to the health HCR rules. Doctors and Nurses are your only bet to bringing you back to life.

    With a lot of changes including staff and such. We are looking to have players join the world anew. If your interested please stop by.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We are now live and looking for players! I will be on as will a few regulars of Isandor. If your interested in this type of sandbox realm be sure to join us!

  • shadowstrikeshadowstrike Member Posts: 1
  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Is the codebase public?

    Not as of current. All code is of the Isandor Persistent World.

  • BeardBeard Member Posts: 4
    Chass, Armistice was cooler js <3

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Armistice is still cool. I'd bring that back in a heartbeat too

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    Greetings everyone! We are going to host some events for new players this Friday through sunday. Designed to help you get established in the World of Isandor. We also have some active members looking to help new players. be sure to join in at any time as well.

  • DregasDregas Member Posts: 1
    I used to play Isandor back in '08-'09, I recently came back to it about 2 weeks ago. Great server, then and now. I love the persistent buildings and the self-reliant crafting system. Lots of cool places to explore and find new things. RP is solid because of the setting and flexibility with character origins and arcs. Definitely worth checking out for anybody who's never played, definitely worth checking out for those that have. A lot of things get worked on regularly for this server so lots of new things happening all the time.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    We've updated our first post to include the new Kingdoms Mode for Isandor. We've also updated our website to feature a lot of the simplified changes to our world. Going over the new death system. Also lifting some of the HCR (Hard Core Rules) a bit for more casual and fun play.

    We are looking for new players! Also DM's. But more importantly new players to join our world. Check us out!

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 28
    edited August 2020

    My name is Chass and I currently run the World of Isandor for NWN-EE. We've been on a bit of a hiatus due to Corona and have come back in full swing. We are a Sandbox World that is open to all characters
    We do use CEP.
    Discord: Discord Link

    What is World of Isandor?
    What is Isandor? : Isandor is a world where while barren allows you as a player to build your own camps, cities, villages, hamlets and more. Working together as a community to establish trade with eachother, build banks, Mint coins and work with a village tech tree that has it's advantages in the wild. Your up against natural hostiles, DM events, Weather, Seasons, Starvation and much more. Work as a team or work individually to prosper. Become good aligned or evil and start a village of player bandits. The call is up to you.
    Since we are pretty much starting up. We are being lenient on our fellow players forgiving non pvp deaths to a extent if it was accidental and also giving players time to enjoy our sandbox world. (We limit PVP anyway. )

    Isandor is a world that is meant to be player challenging but rewarding with time and gameplay. Especially with other characters.
    World of Isandor's Custom Crafting System
    The biggest bonus is our own crafting system. Our crafting system allows players to literally build their own recipes of items they wish.
    Crafting System:

    The Recipe itself
    The Crafting Menu for altering your recipes

    Starting out on the World of Isandor
    All players start stranded on the mainland via boat. How you got there is up to you. Since our mainworld is extra-planar you could've crash landed there.
    You could say you've arrived via portal from: The Forgotten Realms, Mystara, Ravenloft, Planescape.
    or a modern player from New York, Detroit, Chicago, California (We've seen some players roleplay a modern character in a magic-medieval setting). Middle Earth and more.
    Only thing we ask is that you do not play 'important' characters from movies and the like. The character has to be your own.

    Our world relies on player on player trade as well as creating recipes and crafting. So the more players we have. The better the experience.
    The world allows you to build your own settlements including dynamic interiors. no need to open the toolset. you can literally build your exterior and interior of your homes and such here.
    This is a bit outdated but there are well over 200+ interiors that can be built ingame. From Greenhouses, Homes, Dynamic Player Stores

    You can build anything as a Carpenter Class. More details can be found here:

    Quests Vs Events
    There are no end-game quests in this world. We are a 'Event' world. where things happen from small to large that would affect your 'slice of life' on the island with you and other players. There may be events that would require besting with your fellow inhabitants. but overall. We want the players to shape the world itself. You have the tools to build anything and anywhere, Build homes and structures. The crafting tools to farm, use arcane tools, blacksmith and more.
    We have our own guild system that allows players to decide to create quests for other players. On the fly. The only thing needed is DM Approval by submitting your quests papers in the DM Approval box.
    The guild house can be built with our building system.

    We DM's will be running events all the time. From small to large.
    (We are also looking for DM's)
    Point of Interests
    Zelda-Like temples.

    We have always loved the Zelda temples and have included them with puzzles and item requirements. Each one introducing a new puzzle to get past. Some may even require more than one player to get into. there are over 25 Temples and some range in difficulty.
    There are points of interest that would greatly benefit players via stats or items.
    Core Systems

    World of Isandor is a Sandbox HCR (Hardcore Rules System) world. With that being said. There is a chance you could die here. and your death would be permanent. However our world does have a Resurrection system in place

    /// Player Death ///
    Isandor's Death system as of 6/04/2020
    The new death system lifts a bit of the HCR (Hardcore Rules System). Isandor is still permadeath. The world uses a lives system. Much like the arcade fashion games. You have a set number of lives. You can gain more through events and completing the World Temples (which are rare to find)
    To Respawn. A player would bring you to a player built temple to be raised. Each raise costs you 1 life. You start out with 4 lives. The corpse is converted to a soul crystal which is used in the temple.
    How to use the Respawn Chamber///
    A player must bring the Crystaline Crystal of a dead player to this facility. (The player MUST be online for this system to work). Once put in the Soul Recovery area the player will come back to life.
    (As of the moment. The Generator is Disabled)
    Each reset the player MUST come back to this location to bind yourself to this location.

    Moon Phase System:
    The world is affected by the phases of the moon. This causes certain encounters to spawn up from the ground. To ease this, A Cleric or paladin of the faith is needed.

    Archaeology can uncover some very hidden world items. even items lost to the world from players eons ago or most recent deaths. You may find some very rare items. Find out more about it here:
    There is also the option to uncover rare weapons and armors that would make trade or your character valuable.

    Other Features of the world:
    - Custom Ships that are yours to keep and travel with that use our Factorio-like systems.
    - PVP areas are player built arenas.
    - 15+ Player Trade Skill Classes that are core to this world.
    - Special classes such as Doctors, Archaeologists, Arcane Specialists, Researcher and many more.
    - Your player influence can affect areas such as Spell-jamming, Pollution, Radiation, many more.
    - The world is open to everyone. Build anywhere you like. Take territory for your self or your guild.
    - Custom Soundtrack
    - Custom Sounds
    - Much more to the world. Dive In!

    Consider joining our world! We do have veteran players who still play that would absolutely help you out ingame. I will be on occasionally looking for players who need help.
    We are seeking DM's however we will only bring on DM's who has spent time in the world to understand how sensitive item drops are in the world. Since Tinkerer's can copy items to recipes we want progression to be as smooth and fair as possible. Don't need DM's coming in and dropping +1 +20 +etc items into the world. Magical items are rare here but players can make their own items.

    View our app that we have running on our world. :

    Want more information? head on over to our Discord:

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