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Viconia leaving due to high reputation, even with Helmet of Opposite Alignment

I'm on my first playthrough of SoD, and am absolutely loving it so far.

I started right at the beginning at Candlekeep, and when in Durlag's Tower, I carefully got and saved the Helmet of Opposite Alignment, specifically so that I could give it to Viconia in SoD so that she wouldn't be upset about being in my good-aligned party. The first thing I did after recruiting her was put the helmet on her.

Although there was one conversation with her as soon as I recruited her about how horrible it is that I help people, she's was otherwise commenting quite a bit on how traveling with me isn't as bad as she expected.

Then, when my reputation hit 20 yesterday, she up and left, even though she's neutral good alignment with the helmet.

I do seem to be able to work around that by using NearInfinity to export and modify happy.2da, but I don't particularly like cheating in that manner. I also don't like the idea of doing evil things every so often to keep my reputation at 18 or less.

Anyone know a way to get her to stay other than cheating or doing evil things?


  • BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,733
    edited November 2018
    This would require some changes to the script. But if you have NearInfinity, search for Global("bd_viconia_reputation_warning","GLOBAL",0) in bdviconi.bcs and add !HasItemEquipedReal("helm02",Myself) above it. I hope you have a save before your reputation hit 20.

    EDIT: Oh, i see you already fixed it using NI. I wouldn't consider the above fix cheating as it's probably how we would fix this issue if we were to fix it.

  • SillyKoboldSillyKobold Member Posts: 11
    The way I fixed it was modifying happy.2da to essentially say that no evil characters ever get upset about reputation. I like your fix more, because it's more targeted and really just makes the helmet work the way it really should. I'll try it and see if it works.


  • SillyKoboldSillyKobold Member Posts: 11
    Unfortunately, it didn't work. Maybe it's because my reputation was already 19 to begin with, and she had previously complained about it. I do notice that, in EEKeeper, the global variable BD_VICONIA_REPUTATION_WARNING has a value of 2.

    In any case, she does seem to be happy with the happy.2da change that makes all evil characters ok with a reputation of 20. Even if that is a sledgehammer fix.

  • compleCCitycompleCCity Member Posts: 47
    edited November 2018
    Seems, that in this case BD_VICONIA_REPUTATION_WARNING was already at 1 before. @Balquo's code only works before the variable is set (check: Global("bd_viconia_reputation_warning","GLOBAL",0)).

    You could set it with EE Keeper to 0, and thus wouldn't need the 2da edit.

  • MonotremataMonotremata Member Posts: 74
    Damn wish I would've known this a few months ago. I was so stoked to finally find her and add her in BG and then of course like one quest later, my rep went to high and she just left like that and is gone now. Guess Ill wait til BG2 to run with her again..

  • SillyKoboldSillyKobold Member Posts: 11
    Yup, I changed BD_VICONIA_REPUTATION_WARNING to 0 and, as far as I can tell, the change to bd_viconia_reputation_warning now seems to be enough. Thanks all.

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