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A couple of questions for coming in from BGEE and going into BG2EE

Heya, I'll be starting my first ever SOD run soon and there's a couple of things I'm wondering about.

1. SOD exp cap and BG2EE starting experience

In the original game BG2 always set your exp to 89000 even if you had more thanks to TotSC. Trying to cheat this system by dual-classing a human at a level beyond the reach of that 89000 and bringing that character into BG2 would cause the game to get all uppity and straight up unplayable. SOD level cap looks to be 500k. If I have 500k exp at the end of SOD and bring that character into BG2EE does it actually work? (That would be precicely the amount of EXP it takes to make a fighter 9 and dual them into mage 10)

1b. How realistic is it actually to reach 500k in SOD?

2. Romances carrying over

I tend to pick one of the romance NPC's up for all my BG2 playthroughs just because.

So I understood that the casual conversations I can have with the new EE companions actually place romance flags on your character and that those carry over into SOD. Does that mean part of conversations is skipped if I'm already kinda well acquainted with them or what does that affect? That doesn't prevent me from romancing someone else or cause any kinds of problems with that, right? Especially if that former BG1 interest is not in the party?

I also read that the romances now carry over from SOD to BG2EE so I'm also a bit concerned about that. If I have a romance with Neera in SOD for example that's not going to cause any problems for another possible interest in BG2EE (especially if I never pick her up), right? Also if I do pick her up how does the SOD romance affect the BG2EE romance? I don't want to miss any new conversations so if that ends up skipping part of the early talks then that's going to be kinda annoying.



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,576
    1. If you kit 500k in SoD, it will carry over to BG2. If you do everything/most things, you can reasonably hit that by or right after the final boss of SoD with a 6 man team.
    2. I don't think any actual flags for romance carry over. Only your character is imported. Any existing relationships will be established through dialogue.

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