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Anomen: Front line or back?

First, an admission. I know there's a lot of Anomen hate but I like him. A lot. Yeah, he can be extremely annoying but I think Bioware was really gutsy writing him that way and I think that's neat. It's a really rare run-through for me not to have him in my party, on the front line with the best shield I can find and the Flail of Ages. My generally-good-aligned parties tend to run skimpy in the tank department so that's always Anomen's job.

My favorite Charname is either a FMT or a FT, who gets the best gear and usually gets half the kills, but Anomen usually gets at least a third. So I find him really solid on the front line. I basically run him as a fighter with buffs and he seems to do great.

But now with EE, his script has him favoring a sling and I'm wondering if there is some reason for that. Would he actually do better on the back line? I know there are some good slings around for high-strength characters but I'm kinda prejudiced against I wrong? Would love to see some opinions and would really love some numbers.



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