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Can't start Anomens test

Hey! I would love some help! I'm romanceing Anomen and he told me that his test is about to start. But when I go in to The Radiant heart big hall, nothing happend. Then after 1 day sir Ryan comes and still nothing happend when I enter the hall. Help? Some cluaconsole to trigger The test to start? Help me 😊 thanks!


  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 165
    If I remember correctly, a cutscene should begin as soon as you enter the High hall with Anomen in which he talks to Ryan Trawl, THEN the trial begins.

    So in order to try and start this cutscene, open up the console and try using the following command before entering the High hall:


    If that doesn't start it, try talking directly to Ryan Trawl, or try using these other commands just to be sure the conditions are fulfilled:


    Also (it's unlikely that you killed him) but a chap named "Prelate Wessalen" must be alive, he may be someone you kill in Dorn's quest if you recruited him though.

    If none of this works you may need to post your save file onto support.baldursgate for further help.

  • KimsiKimsi Member Posts: 3
    Thanks! Non of The cluaconsole worked so I will try with the support. Thank you for your help anyway 😊

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,141

    It's not Anomen saying his test is coming up that triggers the quest, but the messenger coming to tell him to go for the test.
    You have to have that messenger arrive and talk to you.

    Not sure from the original post if that has happened yet.

  • KimsiKimsi Member Posts: 3
    The messenger has arrived as well but nothing happends.

  • sorcerinsorcerin Member Posts: 58
    Did you actually initiate dialog with Ryan Trawl? (I just did this quest a few days ago, and nothing happens when you walk into the hall, you have to initiate dialog with Ryan Trawl to get the quest started.)

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