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Selecting skills or ability score is painful


On a 6" device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5), selecting skills or ability scores points is painful (at character creation and level up). The small buttons "up" and "down" are very close to each other, and very close to the previous and next ability score or skill.

So when you try to go up in a skill / ability score, often you are going down instead with the current skill / ability score, or going down with the previous skill / ability score.

I know this is the regular computer interface, which is perfectly usable with a mouse, but when it comes to (big, fat and clumsy) fingers, it would be great to have a way to increase or decrease skills / ability score with something else.

When it comes to skills, you can already select one of them, in order to have their description. It would be a good thing to add finger-sized buttons (in the description for example), when you can add or remove points for the selected skill.

Unfortunately, ability scores cannot be selected like skills can, but a similar workaround could be used.

Thank you for listening. :)


  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    Although I should have commented earlier, thread viewed, and feedback has been added to the notes about the UI. Thank you very much ^_^
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