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Asking for feedback...

LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
Which of these characters would appeal to you most in a BG game? They are all intended to be Romance-able, and someday, i would love to do them, but lack money/resources to do so. Also, any feedback on them would be appreciated.

Female Paladin romance for women, strong and courageous, beautiful and serene, this LG female paladin is neither talky nor preachy, but knows what she wants. Is open to being romanced by any other good female character. Paladin worships Nobanion (essentially the Realms' version of Aslan). Loves cats and has no significant past bad experiences that need to be assuaged with a romance. Can be caught by a brief romance, but is looking for something permanent.

Female gypsy bard, for both men and women. Pretty and seductive, with a low, rich voice. she sings and dances while accompanying herself on a small tambor (drum). She has travelled the Realms with her family, and though she has seen many wondrous things, she still takes joy and shows wonder in the world all around her. She has a delightful air of innocence while projecting experience, and is looking to fall in love with someone amazing. Problems come from her family, who believe no one is good enough for their child/sibling/relative, and will try to dissuade the character from the romance through all sorts of methods, but not murder. Female Bard is Neutral Good and still believes in the goodness of most people.

Male Cleric of Gond, LN, for women and men. Short for a human, but with a gentle, folksy wisdom, this priest enjoys building all sorts of machines and carting them around with him on an adventure. Learning to smith his own works and carrying them around have made him strong and massively muscled, but he shaves his head so it won't get burned in forge fire. Soft-spoken and smiling, he enjoys listening to people talk and dispensing his own brand of wisdom to help them. He was once married, though his wife was unfaithful to him, and they dissolved the marriage without recriminations on either side, though he still carries a large load of regret that his travels for his faith somehow led to her feeling abandoned. Wants to know he still has worth and can still be cared for. He's the kind of guy who picks you small flowers and leaves them in your stuff to let you know he cares... and he also likes you to help him test out his ideas for machines... all *sorts* of ideas. ::Waggles eyebrows.::

Human male Fighter Archer for women. Carrying a massive Composite Longbow, this tall, thin man likes to stand back and pepper your foes with arrows. Gruff and curt on the battlefield, he becomes surprisingly easy to talk to once out of battle, and especially convivial over a tankard of ale. In romance, he is similarly straightforward and straight shooting. No beating around the bush for this guy- if he likes you, you know it, and he'll leave you no doubt as to his feelings or intentions, and he has no problems whatsoever "hitting his target". But to really make him blossom, you have to be equally straightforward when you tell him your feelings. Once he knows he has your regard, he'll loosen up a great deal, and be more free and romantic in expressing his feelings for you. Edit- forgot to add- NG in alignment and will romance just about everyone but halflings and gnomes (because of the extreme height difference). His problem is in feeling connected with people- his tendency to stand back means that he sometimes feels disconnected from other people, and it's hard for him to let go of his reticence with strangers and just be himself. On the other hand, he's very much a family man, and continues to support his aged parents, who live near the Misty Forest, just as he did when he was young and hunted game in the forest with his father to keep the family fed.

Male Half-Giant (Firbolg) Fighter Berserker for men. From the High Northern Reaches of Hartsvale, this young Firbolg got his start wrestling bears and his fellow half-giants, even scuffling with Hill and Frost Giants. But killing one of them in the midst of a wrestling match got him banished, and he pulled on his snow bear furs and headed south. Forever feeling too large and too strong for those around him. he keeps to himself a lot and has sworn off women of all races as "too fragile" for his tastes. He likes and wants to feel needed, and to keep himself fed, he often can be found putting on wrestling shows for money, wrestling everyone and everything into submission. He feels like he lacks a real place to belong, though, and wants that more than anything. His rough, untutored ways mean that the CHARNAME is going to have to initiate the romance, though once you "show him the way", he'll become very enthusiastic about the idea. He shaves his entire body (harder to hold onto him when wrestling), though if you can catch his heart, he'll show you a few secrets to use for that. There's no one better to have at your back, and who can deny he can cover your back with no problems at all. TN alignment.

Male CN Gnome Illusionist Thief. Small and supremely cocky, this young gnome's favored weapon is the club, the better for smacking unsuspecting foes over the head with (or, depending on their size, battering their kidneys or shins with). He thinks he's the best at everything, and he's willing to try his luck with anything, in the manner of an overactive Chihuahua. Once he's gotten your attention and you've conceded he's got potential, you can spend time sanding off his rough edges, which is going to be a long job because he thinks he's tops at everything, and can be combative when you don't agree with him. He can't be argued with, you have to SHOW him better before he'll change, but he has youth and energy, and when he goes nuts for you, he's very physically demonstrative and affectionate. Express an appreciation for flowers and find your pack stuffed with them. Say you like animals and he'll run all over finding you the cutest kitten/puppy, only to turn up with 20 because he couldn't choose which one was the cutest. He also talks a mile a minute and the only way to shut him up is to tie and gag him or kiss him. Your choice.

Female elven mage LN for women. This shy beauty has lived her life more in academic circles than out in the world, but the feeling that she is missing out on what life really is has led her to shun the library and classroom for life as an adventuring wizardess. Her intellect is razor-sharp, but her wisdom lies more in book learning than street smarts. She's more than willing to learn both, but has to feel that she is valued for herself as well as intellect before she opens up to a romance. While she isn't excessively strong, she does have stamina, and her spells are utilized to maximum effectiveness in every situation. Generally shy and retiring, she finds every situation, even combat, to be refreshing after a life confined to the classroom and stuffy libraries. Her eyesight is not the greatest after studying so many tomes, and she wears a small pair of corrective lenses (Made by clerics of Gond) to see properly. In love, she is uninhibited and cheerful, and expresses her love through small notes left in your items to let you know she is thinking of you.

Female human priestess of Loviatar for men and women- NE She grew up in Amn, an abused child of an abusive father. But when she struck her father down when he attempted to get more than usually physical with her, she ran away from home, where she was found by a priest of Loviatar. He asked her why she was wandering the streets, and she told him what she had done. Her smile at the memory of striking down her own father, of returning pain for pain, told him she was ripe for the plucking, and he took her back to his temple withi him, schooling her in the ways of dealing and surviving pain. An apt pupil, she has returned to the Sword Coast to make her mark on the world, and wields both whip and mace with equal fervor. In addition to the more usual sorts of pain, she is a connoisseur of wielding whip and knife to grant pain in small or large measure. Even being hurt in battle wrings moans of pleasure from her lips, and she can teach CHARNAME to commingle pleasure and pain so that they cannot tell where one ends and the next begins. Despite her faith, she will not countenance the hurting of children- only those in their majority, and she intends to grasp for power so that no child need be hurt again.

CG/CE Elf Male Vampire for men and women. This elf was recently turned into a vampire, and though he has fed on the blood and souls of others, he resists turning completely into an evil monster. He is trying to subsist mainly on blood, but it is not enough to truly sustain him, so at times he "snaps" and goes after blood and necks. He hopes that by taking lives in combat as part of CHARNAME's party, he can use his bloodthirsty impulses to do good. But it may take more than this to save him. A tortured soul, his skin is pale and his hair blonde, and he tries to keep himself clean and immaculately groomed. But when he "snaps", it's easily tellable from the disheveled hair, disordered clothes and stains of blood everywhere. He seeks redemption and healing from his "condition".

NG Female Greater Succubus Thief for men and women. Having lived her entire life stealing souls and seducing men, one of her victims planned out the perfect revenge- a helm of opposite alignment. No longer able to stomach the thought of what she used to do, she wandered the human realm and was forced to turn to thievery to survive, which further modified her Lawful Good alignment to Neutral Good. She retains all her seductive beauty and manner, but resists falling in love because it reminds her too much of what she used to do and be, and it will take someone who can convince her that having a relationship won't mean that she will have to steal her beloved's soul, and express trust in her ability to control herself and her impulses before she will let herself truly be won. This is another romance where the CHARNAME will have to be the one pushing for greater physical intimacy, from holding hands, to kissing, and other caresses, with an air of love and trust.
Physically, the succubus is short and curvy, with small blood-red horns peeping through her wavy midnight hair, and black bat-wings soft as suede. She has a pet raven that rides on her shoulder and loves to "groom" her hair for her. She worships Shiallia.

Neutral Good female fighter for men. This red-haired Amazonian Goddess is the tallest woman most men will ever meet, almost 6'6 in her stocking feet, and very confident in herself and her abilities without being overly proud or boastful. Strong and muscular, she wields a longsword in each hand and fears nothing. What she loves most, though, is children, and you can often see her squatting in the street, taking to a young boy or girl with the same seriousness that you have talking with adults. And they seem to love her for it. When she is talking to them, you can see a gentle, wistful smile on her face that makes her seem to glow. If you ask her, she will reminisce about her younger siblings, and an orc attack that took them from her when she was barely more than a child herself. Her pasttime is whittling, and you can often find her whittling small toys, which she hands out to less fortunate children, along with a few pennies to buy food when she passes them in the street.

LG Male Dwarf Berserker for men and women. This gruff, bearded male bears a terrible scar bisecting his face in two diagonally, and he's usually quiet and half-drunk. Questioning him when he's partly or mostly sober gains the questioner a mere grunt or brush off, but if you talk to him when he's far gone into drink, you discover that he is the last living member of the Silverhammer clan. As one of the Noble Battleragers, he was assigned to guard the approach to his King's private quarters, and thus, the royal family, when Orogs from the Underdark invaded their clanhome. But these Orogs were unexpectedly tricky, having recruited a clan of Ogre Magi, and they slaughtered their way through the Dwarf community, until they reached the noble quarters. There he and his fellow battleragers barred the way and tore into the Orogs. The fog of bloodlust and rage clouded his mind, until he was struck down by a blow to the head. He expected to die, but found himself awakening alone, his people slaughtered around him. In a daze, he wandered through the clanhome, looking for any other survivors and finding none. His survival was a mark of deepest shame, and so he sought no healing for his wound, but time took care of that, anyway. And now he lives as last of his clan, with nothing to live for, no one to share his name, unworthy of anything more than the degraded life he lives now. Every day, he lives in the hope that he will finally meet a monster capable of overcoming his skill with a blade and slaughtering him outright, for it would be even more shameful to simply lay down and die. This is why he lives his life in an alcoholic fog, unable to live with the shame of surviving his clan when he should have died. At this point, you notice that his face is wet with tears, but he buries his face in his ale mug and falls silent once more.
He is easy to seduce, but romancing him will be harder, as you must convince him that living when one has lost everything is a noble and heroic act, and that his life can serve as an example to those who feel they have lost everything. For a female dwarf, she can offer to help repopulate his clan, while others can help him aspire to be a hero to noble dwarves everywhere of the unyielding nature of dwarves and how they fight to the last, even having lost everything.
Prefers the shorter races: Halflings, dwarves, gnomes, but is also possible for humans.

Male half-elf CN Evoker Covered in scars and burns and missing an eye, this silver-haired man has skin as dark as ebony, but he's not an elf or drow, as you might think. He claims to be the son of a Moon Elf woman and a Chultan human. However, he's sadly used to being mistaken for a Drow and has even come to expect it. However, he doesn't let it bring him down, as he's focused on what really brings him joy- explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. Whether it's the fiery boom of a Fireball, the rapid-fire of Melf's Minute Meteors, or the blinding strike of a Lightning Bolt, it's all something he enjoys. His favorite word seems to be "Boom!" Just like his spells, he likes his companions to bring lots of excitement to his life, and if he gets to use plenty of explosion-type spells in the meantime? Well, that's just a bonus he has no trouble enjoying.

CG Male Cleric of Tyr. This handsome, roguish-looking man spends all his time doing right by the world, seeing to it that the hungry are fed, the sick comforted and children are taken in off the street and protected from the worst the world can throw at them. He turns conflict aside with a word and a smile, until combat can no longer be avoided, which is when his mace comes out and his smile goes feral and he prepares to beat a little more justice into the skulls of evildoers everywhere. He carries a mace which he hides in the voluminous folds of his robes, and which greatly resembles Tyr's holy symbol. In fact, it also doubles as his holy symbol, and is weighted to cause more damage. His explanation for why his holy symbol weighs so much is "Because it's filled with Justice". He wears fairly expensive but elegant robes and can often be seen smoking a pipe full of pipeweed. The pipe is carved from ebony and has a white marble bowl.

LG Female Mage for women. This short, shy, dark-skinned woman seems to want to spend most of her time shrinking into shadows and remaining unnoticed, which is almost totally out of character with her choice of being an evoker. She wears a robe and hooded cape, and occasionally, you see a pair of vivid green eyes peeking out of the hood along with her own- her cat familliar, which is just as shy and standoffish as she is. Her backstory involves getting involved with the wrong man, who abused her and abandoned her to die in a den of monsters when her spells were gone. Formerly at least somewhat flashy and confident, she studies assiduously in order to never find herself in that position again. She's a little less reserved around other women, but men cause her to draw into herself like a flower folding up for the night. Beneath the robes, her body is horribly scarred, and she avoids showing it as much as possible.

Female Half-Orc NE Assassin Growing up on the outskirts of a large city, this woman was an outcast by virtue of her mother's rape by orc raiders. Shunned by most of her neighbors, including her mother, to whom she was an indelible reminder of her rape, she grew up with a "F*** you!" attitude towards the world, relying on her large size and muscles to take what she wanted, when she wanted it. As she grew older, she was courted by a criminal gang who wanted her as an "Intimidator". But she had higher ambitions than that. She cozied up to the gang's "Eliminator", becoming his mistress and learning everything he could teach her. When he couldn't, or wouldn't, teach her any more, she went out and purchased a potion that would allow her to read his deepest thoughts and stole everything else he knew in a single night before disposing of him by stabbing him in the back as they lay together (she allowed him that last courtesy) and then taking his place in the gang. But a botched job made things too hot for her, and she was already looking for new opportunities anyway. Her voice is a harsh croak, and she is always short and curt.

NG Male Lythari Elf Blade This tall, painfully thin Elf has gray-silver hair and silver-blue eyes, and wears beads and feathers braided into the ends of his hair. The last of his tribe left on the continent, most of them left for the Isle of Evermeet, but he alone remained behind to explore the wilderness. Being taken captive by Thayan slavers should have been a disastrous end to his travels, as they were looking for oddities for the hungry slave markets of Thay, but he was rescued by a pair of human Harpers and stayed with them for several months, recovering from his ordeal (he'd attempted to starve himself to death, but was plagued with several force-feedings from his captors). But even after he recovered physically, he found it hard to eat his fill, resulting in his emaciated appearance. However, his time spent among friendly humans has actually made him less reclusive than most Lythari, and he is open to a romance with an elf, half-elf or human woman.

LG Male Paladin of Helm, for women. Tall and muscular, with brown hair cut as short as possible and soft blue eyes. He wears a full-face helm and his eyes are hollow and haunted. Once capable of the most heroic and compassionate acts imaginable, this man was assigned to lead a group of fighters against a cabal of hellish creatures who made their lair not far from Dragonspear castle. He took the lead, only to see the men and women he led fall to the Baatezu, and he himself was captured, tortured and fed massive quantities of hallucinogenic herbs and mushrooms while his captors whispered subtle poison into his ears. By the time he was rescued by a group of fellow Paladins, he was a broken man, troubled by flashbacks of the battle and convinced that he alone, and his lack of leadership ability, was responsible for their deaths. He tries to cover up his fears behind a facade of being a leader of men and the ultimate commander, barking out orders and dictating the actions of others in combat, but if the combat is going badly, he freezes and becomes paralyzed, reliving the deaths of the group he led. In his sleep, he sobs and begs the forgiveness of his squad, but when he wakes, he doesn't remember- or claims not to remember. He needs more than just love to be healed, but a combination of sympathy and sternness to bring him back to the right path and some severe clerical attention to help him overcome the trauma of his past. Able to be romanced by a female of any race.

CG Male Werebear Berserker This tall, hairy, curly brown-haired man has a vaguely shell-shocked look in his brown eyes. A lifelong warrior, he was hunting in the forest when he was attacked by a bear, and managed to kill it after a horrific battle that nearly killed him. At the next full moon, as he was recovering, he became an enraged bear and slaughtered half the village, including the woman he loved. His people fled, and the next day, he was banished by the survivors, to wander alone until he brought his beast under control. He was once just a fighter, a civilized and urbane man, but now the beast within struggles to come out of him as he desperately tries to lock it down, turning him into a berserker even when he isn't in the form of a 10' tall half-man, half-bear beast. Because he can neither control his rage nor his transformation, he is even more enervated by the change and raging than a standard berserker, and requires twice the time to recover.
Can be romanced by men and women, but to truly be happy, he must learn to let go of the rage and embrace it to control his inner beast. Once that happens, he can enter the rage at will and will have a normal recovery time. His werebear form will also be more serene and sedate- except in combat, and he will also be able to choose to take on werebear form.

Neutral Evil male Necromancer for men. This mage has an almost obsessive interest in how bodies work and somehow making them "better" (for various different iterations of "better"). His rather cold and clinical atttitude covers an almost-little boy glee in cutting things apart to understand how they work. Sadly, things never seem to survive this process, which is why he is a Necromancer. He's fascinated by the CHARNAME as a Bhaalspawn, and wants to understand how Bhaal's essence works, but he's also afraid of losing that, so isn't quite as aggressive in going after CHARNAME with the cutting open. Caressing CHARNAME's open wounds gets him dangerously excited, though, and his spells have more to do with hurting and causing blood loss than anything else. He has a "familliar" of sorts, an animated bird skeleton that sits on his shoulder clacking its beak at everything.

TN Female Druid- This statuesque blond woman bears a staff carved with a Green Dragon's head as its finial. It serves to channel many of her spells through, though she can still cast them normally without the staff. Unlike some Druids, she is warm and approachable and quick to point out the many cures and good things available in the forest. She believes it is better to try and educate people about the bounty the forest provides, and why they should take care of it. It's only if she is ignored, attacked, put down, or the forest is threatened with harm that she puts on the more standard 'Angry Druid' persona. She is extremely well-versed in cures and food items available in the forest, no matter the season, and can keep the party well and well-fed no matter the season, although not everything might be especially tasty come winter. Like most Druids, she loves all animals and has a gray squirrel companion who loves nuts and does little acrobatic tricks for food and praise. She wants a lover that loves nature as much as she does and looks for a fellow Druid or Ranger of either sex or an elf or half elf who loves the forest.

LG Male Aasimar Paladin- This young man seems to almost glow with a golden inner light. Even his skin seems to have a subtle golden glow to it, and his eyes are such a hard, sharp crystalline Blue that they seem to have a metallic glitter to them, and are as clear and sharp as any faceted gemstone. His hair is silvery, with an opalescent shine where the bright light hits it, and he exudes an aura of confidence so that just standing next to him, you feel stronger, calmer and less afraid. Born to the priestess of a small shrine to Lathander after a particularly intense dream one night, he has been raised to be a champion of the light, and the light is attracted to him as well, seeming to follow him around as he moves- he is never blinded by intense light, and can stare into the sun without harm. He seeks to spread the light into the areas of the greatest darkness. While he is a staunch foe of evil, his manner is gentle, and doing or seeing others do good deeds to help the less fortunate bring a smile to his face and expose his brilliantly white teeth. He's a good guy, in every sense of the word, from a very small town, and it shows in the kind of good boy/"Aw, shucks, ma'am." kind of attitude that is so very much a part of him. He likes and appreciates women of all races and types and treats them in a courtly, old-fashioned (in a good way) kind of manner. He also appreciates them as comrades, and treats them just as he would any man in combat or danger. It's only when you are in no danger does he relax back into his courtly ways.



  • cdxcdx Member Posts: 65
    Unfortunately, it's too long to read in one go (feedback), but reading the first line or two for all and a bit more here and there, definitely the vampire and succubus.

  • TorgrimmerTorgrimmer Member Posts: 328
    edited February 5
    LadyRhian said:
      Neutral Good female fighter for men. This red-haired Amazonian Goddess is the tallest woman  most men will ever meet, almost 6'6 in her stocking feet, and very confident in herself and her abilities without being overly proud or boastful. Strong and muscular, she wields a longsword in each hand and fears nothing. What she loves most, though, is children, and you can often see her squatting in the street, taking to a young boy or girl with the same seriousness that you have talking with adults. And they seem to love her for it. When she is talking to them, you can see a gentle, wistful smile on her face that makes her seem to glow. If you ask her, she will reminisce about her younger siblings, and an orc attack that took them from her when she was barely more than a child herself. Her pasttime is whittling, and you can often find her whittling small toys, which she hands out to less fortunate children, along with a few pennies to buy food when she passes them in the street.

    This one is the one for me mainly bc she is red head, tall, and bc I hate to admitted it, i have a foot fetish and the stocking feet remained me of my beautiful wife.

    Post edited by Torgrimmer on
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 708
    I prefer the female paladin. A strong and just woman - whats not to like...
    just dont put the int below 13 :)

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,573
    The first female paladin and the Gypsy bard are my two favorites. I have a weakness for bards and paladins.

  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 967
    I agree with @ThacoBell, and would like to add that in the general the more exotic the character the less I like the concept. This would include the Firbolg, the Vampire, the Succubus, the Werebear and the Aasimar.

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the feedback.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,649
    i dont know if my feedback even means anything, since i only briefly read each character, and personally i never use mods for my bg games ( except for the "mods" i do to the game, but that is just to get rid of stupid things like 10 million unnecessary save files and the like.... )

    but since i have nothing better to do i will give my opinion anyway :) 

    personally i like the idea of the illusionist thief in bg1, bg1 already has enough thieves, and enough mages, but no thief/mages, except for "imoen" and being chaotic neutral makes it so it can in theory join any party ( just no genocide runs with that holmes is all )

    another one i like is the 2 female warrior options ( the paladin and the amazon one ) but this is on the caveat of; are they actually useful in combat?

    i like the idea of more good aligned melee'ers because when it comes to the melee side of things in bg1, all your melee choices are luck luster; khalid has crap STR and DEX and only has the option of one of those being good ( always go with mits of ogre power, and i NEVER use rasaad ) kivan has great DEX and mediocre STR but garbage CON with no redemption to make it better, minsc, has crap DEX,CON but great STR and he direly needs those mits of DEX to be useful, but his HP are still doo-doo paste, now you might be thinking: well whats so bad about all this mediocrity? its the fact that if you have all 3 of these clowns on your team at once, now you can only share the 1 time items with said peeps and all these lamos have grave weaknessess, and dont even get me started on anjantis.... he just screams mediocre mildew, sorry chum, no love for you

    but now, there is a chance for redemption with these 2 female warriors, with that being said, that doesnt mean you have to fit them both with all 18s/19s but realistically you can give them 2 good ability scores and have one with crap dex and one with crap str for example, so then they can be both compensated without having a harsh weakness even with the best of gear

    now if anyone is even getting this far, and is even wondering what im talking about, its that i feel in bg1 a lot of the characters have big hole weaknesses that cant be filled, unlike in bg2 ( thanks to all the STR belts and the 1 pair of mits of DEX ) but bg1 doesnt have that luxury

    as for the characters that dont have a "common" race ( half-ogre, vampire, assimar ) in my opinion, to strong, to OP, which is ironic that a power gamer like me would say that, but i like to earn my power game, not be given it ( hence the reason why i don't like how dorn is implemented ) but with that being said, that doesn't mean just make them lame for their race because then that is not fair for them

    but by the sounds of this thread i think these characters are more for role playing purposes, not necessarily how their mechanics function, eventually you can grab scrolls, potions, and items to make any team mate "good" but that excuse don't mean dick doodle-ly if i can just skip that crap and make my own team of six how don't need me to hold their hand when the cross the street...

    but i digress, as i said, my opinion probably doesnt mean squat since i will never use said characters, and im a silly power gamer who doesnt play for story or romances, i guess this is just here to give you a guide on what people who play like me might think

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