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Save game download?

Hi guys!

Is there a repository of save games anywhere for PsT:EE that I can download a save from? I was playing a high wis/int nameless one and reached the Pillar of Skulls when my hdd died.

With kids and a full-time job I don't really have the time to restart a brand new char and would like to conclude the story but cannot seem to find any saves online anywhere.

Many thanks


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  • RaggyGandalfRaggyGandalf Member Posts: 1
    Hey there mEMO0213. I ran into a similar Problem like the OP and first of all, thank you for providing a save file. I used it as well and it works great. However, I lost my saves earlier on in the game. Pretty much exactly at the Godman's Foundry. Is there any chance at all you are able to graciously share another one of your precious saves from around that stage??? That would be greatly appreciated :)
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