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Alternate appearances and paperdolls

Hello, I have been searching a bit in the abyss of the internet and I found some nice details about the subject:

New appearances of some classes / races in individual armor while playing.
They differ significantly in appearance from those of the Enhanced Edition, for example, elves in leather armor now have coats. The warrior man has long pants and wider armlets, etc.
Restored original paperdolls in place of these ugly ones with EE [there is no more green square] There are also several new hair styles for the female elf mage, a female warrior man in a heavy plate, a magician's woman.

- If someone needs something from this movie, I can send him individual files from my override
- If someone has, in particular, new animations, appearance of races / classes, then I am also interested
I always liked nice people, because what they did in EE, for example from paperdolls, cries out for heaven ...

Here on the quick video a few changes on my game [I have these changes more]
Maybe in the future I'll make it an installment as soon as I cover all the weeds
For now, I have it all from the level of override

Here's the guest page which has improved some of Baldur's armor by significantly changing their appearance [he added, for example, elves in leather armor coats and much more]

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