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Can anyone link or upload the Free Action FoA+5 fix? Can't find it anywhere.

Seriously... I really wish the supposed "Enhanced" edition wouldn't have messed with something as common sense as FoA+5 being better than FoA+4. I mean viable weapons where pretty limited in BG games to begin with ya know...

Anywho if anyone has a copy of that sitting around, or could direct me to where it's hosted let me know please. (Assuming it works with whatever else they broke patching a game this old :x)


  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 593
    The mod you are looking for is called pnp free action. Only trouble is it is hosted on spellhold studios, which is currently (permanently?) down. So you will need a kindly soul who has it to reupload it somewhere for you.

  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 593
    I just checked my install. I have this mod installed but I do not have the original packaged mod file (I have a habit of deleting stuff after I install it...).

    I have stuck the files in my install directory into the following zip file. If you can unzip and use these to install then great...otherwise you may need someone else to upload the file for you.

  • ahhyepahhyep Member Posts: 114
    attached is a zip file, when uncompressed is the .ITM file you need to put in the override folder (make a folder called override in the same directory chitin.key is located), then close and reopen BG2 and you should be all set.

    This will change free action on the flail of ages +5 to not prohibit movement speed or apr from boots of speed/haste/imp haste.

    I struggle with thinking this is cheating, but really - there is no way a +4 flail of ages should be better than the +5 version.

  • tl1942tl1942 Member Posts: 73
    edited September 22
    @ahhyep 2 years later, but just wanted to thank you. I'm in my first playthrough ever, and I was puzzled that the FoA+5 suddenly made it so that Paws of the Cheetah and haste spells had no effect. I searched for the issue and came upon this thread.

    Actually, I think the ideal solution is to make it so that there is no conflict between free action and haste. Weird restrictions like this make no sense to me and really take me out of the game. Free action + haste is frankly no more powerful than other "legal" spell combinations in the game.


    Also found this mod. Perfect solution to this arbitrary and gamey restriction!

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