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Kensai multi class facts please

Gonna try an evil Kensai and go mage at level 9. I've read no robes and yes to robes? What can kensai mages wear on their hands, body, and head?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,083
    -People are going to say "dual at level 13" , but unless you're soloing that will take you ages of precious gaming time to gain your abilities back so level 9 is in my opinion the wisest move.
    - You can wear Vecna Robe and cast spirit armor for greater protection,not to mention rings , belts and amulets. In BG1 wear belt of piercing and boots of avoidance to avoid missile damage from kobolds and hobgoblins.
    - No bracers.
    - Start with 2 slots in a one handed weapon (a type you'll use/upgrade/buy or get better versions throughout the game) and two slots in single weapon fighting , the extra +2 to AC will help a lot in BG1. The next proficiency points (levels 3, 6 ,9) should be applied on two weapon fighting. For instance, you start the game specialized in flail and enjoy some extra protection then in BG2 youll be able to dual wield flails.
    - At levels 12, 18 and 23 as a mage buy further proficiency points to achieve grandmastery.

  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 165
    Another early method could be to put 2 points into axes or daggers, which grants you access to ranged weapons, therefore you could be safe putting your other 2 points into two weapon style, and you could get grand mastery in an aforementioned weapon at level 9 while still having sufficient two-weapon style before dual classing.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 157
    I second the notion of putting 2 of your starting pips into axes or daggers. Axes does give you magical options for throwing variants that just aren't there for daggers until BG2 (especially notable if you are planning to go through SOD too). Taking the backline helps you a lot with the whole no armor thing you've got going on and they enjoy your strength and Kensai damage bonuses.

    If you are playing with a party that has a heavily armored tank type I'd pass single weapon style pips unless you plan on using it all along. Achieving grandmastery earlier and/or getting full pips on your chosen style before TOB levels is worth more IMO. If you aren't getting attacked those points are going to waste.

    Dualing at 9 is a very good option. The other option is 13 but as already was said it'll take a lot longer to get your fighter levels back (500k for fighter9/mage10 vs I think almost 3 million for fighter 13/mage 14. SOA original level cap is 2.95 mil I think to give some idea of how long it takes).

    Kensai can wear robes after dualing. You can never wear any bracers or gauntlets. You can use ioun stones in helmet slots in BG2 but nothing available there in BG1 (and probably not SOD either).

  • KvotheRM8KvotheRM8 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks guys! That does suck about the bracers. I am set on katana and 2 weapon style, single weapon style seems like a waste especially when I can get a shield amulet early on and dirt cheap too. AC 4 AC 2 vs missile spirit armor and potions later on

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