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is their a new install

laggingblaggingb Member Posts: 1
bulk mod like big world setup?i am having problems installing this mod with mods saying they are missing,i am new to the game so i would like to mod it alittle to make my game abit more smoother.not only for bgee1 but bgee2
Kind regards


  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 290
    The BWS is, sadly, no longer being updated. That means while it is still more or less usable for most mods, any mod that has changed its internal structure will cause issues.

    installing this mod with mods saying they are missing

    You can force the BWS to use mod versions it doesn't recognize by pointing it to the file but that doesn't solve the problem mentioned above, of course.

    There is a forked version of BWS, called EET Setup Tool (or something like it) maintained by Roxanne which is probably your best bet.
    While that one is being updated, word is that Roxanne is a bit more reckless with using unstable pre-release versions of mods, so with that one, you might want to actually force it to use the older, stable versions of mods...

    There is also a new install tool being developed by @ALIEN though I am not sure how usable/useful the tool already is.

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