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EE Keeper Item Browser Crashing

I'm trying to mod a BG2EE game using EE Keeper. When I try to add an item to the inventory, it works fine until I try to save my changes, then EE Keeper crashes. I've used it to mod attributes and proficiencies with no problems, but when saving my changes after adding items to the inventory, that's when it crashes. Can anyone help?


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    If you are attempting to make a pre-made character, those by default will not allow any items to be added since the game knows they are merely templates to begin with and start with nothing.

    There's also an issue with EE Keeper where sometimes it just doesn't work for items even if you are trying to edit a save game rather than a pre-rolled. Fix for it crashing in that situation is to revert to the previous version of EE Keeper.

  • ArachnusArachnus Member Posts: 12
    Latest available shadowkeeper seems to be no longer compatible with BG2ee...
    After creating a new game, I can not add any item to the character's inventory.
    The start of a new game in ToB does not helped either.
    Only the old game saves can be edited without any problem.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 603
    No issues here using EEKeeper to add/subtract/change items in BG2EE saves. Pure vanilla install.

  • ArachnusArachnus Member Posts: 12
    Deleted game and all of its folders.
    Downloaded fresh BG2 from Steam, also EEKeeper downloaded and installed again.
    Still no luck.

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    use the older version, i am pretty sure works w/o issue, i had to install it a while back to get around the same issue. Current install for me works fine with the latest version of EE Keeper, but i have noticed there are a few issues that will cause it to crash. If i add an item after changing Thieving skills or proficiencies it'll crash, however if i do the thieving/proficiencies 1st, save those changes, then do the items w/o changing anything else, it'll work w/o crashing.

  • ArachnusArachnus Member Posts: 12
    edited December 2018
    Indeed, works reliably regarding item browser.
    At least for now. As a last resort, I can still go back to old BG2 version from DVD.

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