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Rasaad can't use off-hand weapon once he hits level 19!

Hello everyone,

I’m having a very strange problem with my lightly modded BG2EE installation. (Mods: Unfinished Business, Big Picture, Banter pack, Tweak Pack, Dungeonbegone).

I’ve been using Rasaad with the scarlet ninja-to in his off hand. This allows 5 attacks per round and very nice damage.

However, going from level 18 to level 19 breaks the above setup. Rasaad can no longer use an offhand weapon; his attacks per round fall to 4 and he only has one THACO, the one for his main hand attack, displayed on the inventory screen.

The scarlet ninja-to remains in his off hand but if I remove it, it cannot be replaced. Trying to put any weapon in his off hand then produces a message saying 'a two-handed weapon is equipped'. This remains the case if I pack his main hand quickslots with one-handed weapons - the game seems to think he's got a two-handed weapon equipped at all times, so he's effectively lost the ability to dual wield.

I’d got a lot further ahead before noticing the problem, and then went back through numerous saves to work out when it had happened. Very luckily, it turned out I had a saved game where he had enough experience to level up to 19 but hadn't yet done so. So I can reproduce the issue reliably; levelling up is definitely what triggers it. Attached are two save files - the 'third level of the asylum' one is just before he levels up, the 'and now rasaad can't use offhand weapon' one is just after. I've also attached my weidu log if this is relevant.

I can't find anything that would explain it - nothing else has changed apart from his level. There's no rule saying monks can only dual wield up to level 18, is there? That would be ridiculous. I don't think any of the mods I've installed should be messing with the two-handedness or otherwise of his weapons. There's an element of the tweakpack that lets more classes use weapon styles, which means Rasaad has 2 pips in two-weapon style in this game - maybe that's relevant? Removing the pips in EEkeeper doesn't help.

So, any ideas on what's causing this and/or how I could fix it would be super welcome. Could I edit something in NearInfinity or suchlike? Ideally I'd be able to fix my current save, but if I had to go back to the save before he hit 19 it wouldn't be a disaster. Thanks!


  • metatomskmetatomsk Member Posts: 5
    I'm playing on PC by the way, via Steam so I believe I have the latest patch.
  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,736
    One of the mods must have flagged MFIST7.ITM (monk's natural attack at level 19) as two-handed.
  • metatomskmetatomsk Member Posts: 5
    That is extremely helpful, thank you! Looking in NearInfinity, MFIST7.ITM is indeed flagged as two-handed, as is MFIST8.ITM which he'll presumably get later. Whereas all the earlier monk fist entries are flagged as EE: Fake Two-Handed(12). So I guess if I remove the two-handed flags from both these entries and replace with the fake two-handed (whatever that is), that should solve the problem?

    I also notice that both MFIST7 and MFIST8 have 'no such index' in the 'general name' field and simply 'fist' in the 'identified name' field, by the way, whereas the MFST4, 5 and 6 have both fields as 'fist+1' 'fist+2' and 'fist+3' respectively - I don't suppose you happen to know if that's a problem too - should MFIST8 say 'fist+5', maybe? I'm kind of at the limits of my understanding of how this stuff works as you can probably tell, so perhaps I should leave it alone, but I'd obviously like to fix any problems now if I can.
  • metatomskmetatomsk Member Posts: 5
    I meant should MFIST8 say 'fist+4', not 'fist+5'
  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,736
    It's not gonna make any actual difference, but if their enchantment levels are 3 and 4 respectively, then yeah, you can just set the string refs to +3 and +4 to keep it consistent (31852 and 31853).
  • metatomskmetatomsk Member Posts: 5
    Well editing the two-handed flags as discussed has already solved the main problem and allowed me to carry on with my playthrough, but I'll go back in and change the string refs as you suggest for the sake of completeness. Thanks so much Ardanis, it would have taken me a lot of time and annoyance to work out which assets to edit to solve this problem, if I'd have managed it at all, so your expertise is deeply appreciated!
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