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Cleric/mage dual or multi?

Hello folks,
Yes I know, this is a very eculate question but I want your advice :
I’m kind sick of Bgee no reload challenge with my F/M gnome and make a good old fashion party through the saga on few reloads scs no-challenge.

I plan a non-fighter charname for once, a cleric/mage !
In bg1/Sod the classic team Imoen-Dyna-Minsc-Jaheira-Khalid.
In bg2 Jaheira-Minsc-Keldorn-Yoshi/Imoen and take M Tob to reedem him ;)

Cleric(9)/Mage human dual fit pretty well story wise. I personally love the cleric of lathander kit which is a good off tank in bg1. You reach chaotic command and everything you need. Then the mage cool down is very short. And I can romance Jaheira :)

Cleric/illu multi gnome : better saves, wands, more stable the whole saga, but who care about Cleric’s HLA and high cleric spells (lil provocation here). Better scale on holly smite but not in skull trap obviously ;) no romance !

What do you think?


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