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Ideas to disable healing-from-inventory during combat

Markus_RamikinMarkus_Ramikin Member Posts: 25
Right now healing in combat is a joke.

Fall-from-Grace's spells and using healing items via the radial menu take precious combat time, as they should - but it doesn't matter, because you can just open the inventory, then use use as many healing items as you want, to go up to full health instantly. Since money in this game ceases to be a problem at some point, all party members having large numbers of healings charms is very possible.

To improve this situation, how about an optional setting where you can't access the inventory "while enemies are nearby", the same as how you can't quicksave.

This would limit in-combat healing options to quick-items (which take a combat round to use), and Grace's healing. That would make healing more strategic. Combat would be more interesting, and Grace more useful.

What do you guys think?

(Created an issue on the feature tracker, too.)

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  • Markus_RamikinMarkus_Ramikin Member Posts: 25
    edited December 2018
    Alternatively, this could be solved by making so that all healing items can only be used as quick items, the same way as the blue Recall charm.

    This could probably be done with a fairly simple mod, but I'm having trouble figuring it out - just removing the "conversable" flag from e.g. the Blood Charm doesn't make it work right (never modded Torment before).

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