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Your favorite SOD Party Banter!

GrimjackMVGrimjackMV Member Posts: 77
... What it says on the tin, share your favorite lines here!

Was playing a session today and cracked up out load at this line >

Edwin: (Steady, Edwin. Approach casually, make pleasant conversation) So, Viconia... You are a feebleminded god-slave, and not a wielder of great arcane power?




  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,057
    I don't recall the exact lines, but there is this priceless exchange between M'Khiin and Dynaheir. Goblin Grandma asks Dyna why she talks funny and it just devolves into Dyna trying to teach her how to talk "proper".

    Another great one is Minsc trying to explain to a little girl that sometiemes people have to be stopped, even if it means killing them, "You see little girl, there are many butts in this world. Some butts are good, and we leave those unkicked. But some butts..."

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