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Noob question about dual class

Can you go back and forth in leveling a class or is it a one way trip?

For example fighter/ mage

If I dual at level 7 to mage can I go dual back to fighter later on to raise it?


  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 157
    Nope. If you dual at level 7 your fighter exp will be set to what it was when you made it to level 7, your fighter levels will be disabled until you make your mage to level 8 at which point you get your weapon proficiency pips and fighter thac0 bonuses back. You'll basically be leveling a mage from there on out with the exception of being able to use all weapons and being able to achieve grand mastery (5 pips) in weapons but you'll get pips at the rate mage gets them.

    BTW level 9 is a popular point for dual classing. You get more out of your fighter levels that way. To get fighter 9 / mage 10 you need 500k exp which used to be kinda sorta early SOA but with SOD you can actually get there before BG2 because SOD exp cap is exactly 500k.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 603
    If you're only playing BG1 then 7 is usually the best place to dual a fighter. If not then 9 or (if you have enough patience) 13.

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