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Choice of clerics

ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 47
I enjoy planning playthroughs in my head and the parties I will travel with. There is a great choice of mages and fighters and I am happy with Imoen as a thief. Every time choosing the cleric to accompany the group is like eating a frog. I used to not mind Aerie but in recent years she has become an absolute pain. I could never stand Anomen, he is well written but it doesn’t mean I want to hang around with him. I play good, and whilst Jaheira is basically good, I tend to not take neutrals. I would really like to find better options eg in a mod but play on iPad. I guess my only hope is if they ever port Glint into bg2. Anyone else feel the same or who are your go to healers? Can I survive without one?

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  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,871
    You can survive without ANY class. So go for it and experiment.

  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 83
    Rename this to healer. You can probably manage the entire game without one but I've always been a huge fan of druid, with or without kit it doesn't matter imo. I think dual or multi druid is a waste, as one of a druids strength is the ridiculously low cost per level with the insanely powerful strength of their insect and elemental summoning spells. They'll have access to lvl 7 druids spells super early and if you do a 5 man party it's even quick at which point the game breaks.

    That said if you don't like their personalities have you considered at creation making a 2 character party? You have to do it near the very beginning of creation but there is a button called create party. If you wanted to strictly power game, make a multi cleric/war half ogre with flails and probably maces.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 368
    Well, Jaheira's personality is a lot closer to neutral good than true neutral so I wouldn't suggest shying away from her just because of her "official" alignment. She can also cast a couple of cleric-only spells including raise dead, and her ability to wear plate and use fighter HLAs makes her a solid choice for good-aligned parties. Just manually switch her official alignment to NG, or use one of the mods that does this, and you'll be good to go.

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 47
    Not sure I can mod Jaheira’s alignment on iPad?

    I like druids as a class (have taken them in IWD sometimes) but don’t like having neutrals in the party in BG which is why I haven’t taken Cernd and rarely take Jaheira

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,948
    when i play single player non party made teams, i never care about a character's personality for my team, i go by "usefulness with the least amount of effort"

    so when it comes to the "cleric" choice there really is only "2" or what i consider "cleric" type for me to choose from, and as it seems to be these days im leaning more towards aerie these times around ( maybe next month/year i might lean more towards anomen )

    for me, i never use jaheira as my "healing" or back row "divine caster" if i have jaheira in the group, she is on the front lines, and she has all battle buff spells, as for cernd, i never use him anymore since the exploit was fixed with his natural weapon being able to be dispelled and being able to equip something that actually did damage, so cernd will forever be on the island of misfit joinable pcs and will never be used again, as for viconia i strictly only use her for evil teams, and i never change her alignment over to good, evil the whole way

    although these days i make custom teams 90+% of the time only because i can make more interesting teams because you can only play the same joinable PCs so many times so this time around my team composes of:

    cavalier ( melee)
    ranger ( melee )
    fighter/thief ( melee )
    cleric/mage ( ranged )
    theif/mage ( ranged )
    sorcerer ( ranged )

    so worse case scenario you could always make another cleric for your team via the "create party" button ( you don't have to make 6 characters you can only make 2 if you want ) which is pretty much the same as having a modded cleric in game with the only thing being you can actually 100% adjust the stats and weapon proficiencies as you desire ( or even druid if you wish )

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,359
    Although a healer is handy for the early stages of SoA (although not strictly necessary because you can get the Ring of Regeneration very early on) by the time you can handle the first level of WK you'll have more healing potions than you know what to do with.

    I take a cleric along mainly for Chaotic Commands and Negative Plane Protection (although if you have a Berserker in your party these aren't strictly necessary either).

    Raise Dead is a useful emergency option, but one that I personally don't use.

  • WrathofreccaWrathofrecca Member Posts: 83
    If you didn't know you can pick pocket a Ring of Regeneration of Ribald in the adventure mart. You'll want to use potions of thievery to raise your PP high enough. It's actually in his pockets, not on his list. From there healing becomes a joke.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 1,730
    i usually memorize 1 or 2 healing spells just in case, but seldom use them. i rely mainly on potions during the battle and regeneration items to recover after them. and i usually end the game with tons of not used healing potions. this playing insane on a game with difficulty enhancing mods.
    the ring you can pickpoket from ribald is really useful, but also items that have a slow regeneration rate like a certain ioun stone are useful as if you equip them while you travel from an area to an other they continue to work so they can heal completely a toon with a lot of hp to recover in every trip that lasts in game hours. take always with yourself every item that makes you regenerate and equip them as the party travels from area to area or when they are doing tasks that don't need that slots occupied by other more useful items.

    i agree with @Wrathofrecca when he/she tells: "Rename this to healer", cleric is chaotic commands and other really useful party buffs, druid is insect spells and summons, both can heal but if that is their primary function probably they are misused and used at a fraction of their capability.
    i would be worried to run a party without a cleric and to some extent also without a druid, but as i told they almost don't memorize healing spells and very rarely use them. if i have a toon paralyzed and enemies that hit him i don't want my cleric to cast on him a healing spell that can make him survive few seconds more, i want him cast a spell that removes the paralysis so the toon can gulp a potion and run away or i want my mage to cast on the toon an invisibility spell so the enemies stop to hit him. if the cleric would have cast a spell that would have protected the toon from paralysis before he got paralyzed even better, but you can not fully buff every time and something bad can always happen. the main task of a cleric is to try to avoid that something bad happens and to avoid the death of a toon when it happens, healing is only an optional...

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,871
    @gorgonzola Chaotic commands is not a cleric exclusive spell. Druids get it too. This comes up a lot, and I'm not sure why the misconception is so widespread.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 368
    I'd argue clerics are best used for condition prevention/removal and druids for disabling enemy casters. Curing wounds isn't a necessary or even especially helpful way to use spell slots, at least in my view.

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