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[CHALLENGE] Least Possible Days per Chapter And Time Loop Playthrough

Guys! If you are to play BG2 with this rule, how many days you will give for yourself in each chapter?

The rule is:
  1. If you cant reach chapter n in xx days (e.g. chapter 6 in 10 days), you’ll be teleported back in time to the beginning of the game, yes time loop! Keeping your experience and memory (metagame become role-playing) so with every loop you will become stronger, in practice, it was just importing a save file.

  2. Another rule is to be handicapped by 3 companions. It makes sense that at the end game you are far more stronger than your companions since you are somekind of demigod while your companions are just some mere mortal (and undead). The mission is to make sure that this 3 companions will survive in each battle till the last battle in allotted time (e.g. 13 days), if one die you will be teleported back in time. (I presume this challenge will be harder than just solo the game, not quite sure though)
Actually I need some suggestion for the least number of the days to beat the game STORYWISE as realistic as possible or for every chapter or some main event. I haven’t finish the game, I just reach chapter 6 back to athkala (to buy time stop scroll).

For example chapter 2 = 3 days, chapter 3 = 1 day, chapter 4 = 3 days, chapter 5 = 3 days. So by the time you back to athkala in chapter 6, the least possible is 10 days, again STORYWISE (not that no more than 3 days in ch 2 or be time looped, not enough time for adventure).

My goal is to beat the game with realistic time (in how many days passed) for the reason of role-playing while experienced all of BG2 can offer by repeating it many times in another loop.

Here is the role-playing (just an example):
The story follows the main game, a good fellow, hero of baldur gate…except at day 7 charname got teleported back to the beginning of the game. He didn’t know what is wrong but every seven days he will be teleported back in time. In one of the loop the time limit become 8 days, another time it became 9 days.

Eventually he realized that if he want to survive the time loop, he need to get the money no longer than in seven days (start of chapter 3), to get to brynlaw no longer than in 8 days, and rescue Imoen no longer than in 9 days.

With every loop he become more and more frustrated, anger, and every time he got stronger he become more arrogance with his power. Eventually it lead him to evil path, he become ruthless, he distance himself from his companion, even killing some of them just for an amusement (time for solo playing).

And then he reach the bottleneck. Without a companion in his side he cant overcome his bhaal taint, he cant revert back from his slayer mode and forced back to the past. Eventually he realize that he wasn’t the same person as he was before all of this started. He realized that he needs his companions and not just a companion, but more (maybe a little romance?). From here, he took the path of redemption until the end of the game.

Tl;dr please give me some suggestion in time allotted (in days) for every chapter in BG2, or some of its main event! Realistically! I welcome any suggestion, thanks!

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