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BGEE to BG2EE unable to import character on iPad2

BGEE version: v2.5.17.0
BG2EE version: v2.5.16.6
IPad 2: iOS 9.3.5 (last version on this iPad)

When I export a character the only options are email, notes, or google drive basically. I’ve read
Other threads that mentioned using i funbox but I when I tried to download that the iPad says “unsupported file type”.
I would love to get the import working on this iPad if someone can help me, but also give me advice if I go buy a new
iPad. I’ve got a half dozen characters on this machine that i would hate to sunset without going into BG2EE. Any help much appreciated!


  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    Not sure if you have tried this or not but you will need a windows install on something to work with -

    Export the characters you want to email and gather them into a folder called 'characters'.
    Zip up the entire folder and rename the extension from '.zip' to '.bg2data'. This will give you 'characters.bg2data'
    Email mail that to yourself and open it on your ipad ->import to BGII

    This works for me but I use my windows 7 PC as the in-between.
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