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Is SoD a "separate" game?

Slightly confused here...

Playing on a mac. I bought BG directly from Beamdog, installed OK, installed a few mods. Once I'd played through I then purchased SoD. This has created a new folder (00806) in my Beamdog Library, into this I installed the same mods (to help with continuity), even where it didn't make immediate sense.

Into SoD- the "continue" option picked up my last save (just as I killed Sarevok) and I jump into the SoD prologue (I have comments on this which probably need a separate thread). Some of my stuff is missing, particularly a bag of holding containing some stuff I'd like to keep. I did some checking, came back to the game and this time I clicked on load game, chose the BG1 "final" save and this time the bag of holding is there and all seems good. My understanding is that continue should just load the most recent save so this seems odd.

I play for a while, saving as I go. I come back to the game later and can't see the saves within the game - they're saved on disk into a folder called "sodsave" - to play I have to copy the subfolder (eg, 000000001-Quick-Save) from sodsave to save. Any new saves in SoD (from there) are still saved to sodsave, meaning I have to do the same next time around.

If I start a new BG1 game from within SoD the save game files are put into saves.

So, I guess, three questions.

1) What's the deal with the save game location? I can live with this, just.
2) For my next play through, I assume I just run everything through SoD?
3) If I'm doing that, do I apply any future mods to the SoD game only, or do I still need to apply them to both games separately?



  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,340
    It's the same "game" but a separate campaign.

    For your next playthrough you can start at the beginning or start with SoD if you're so inclined.

    Mods for BG1 will effect both the main BG1 campaign and the Siege of Dragonspear campaign.

  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
    edited December 2018
    SoD is an expansion. The misleading thing is that with the Beamdog client, you can install only BG1EE (00766) or BG1EE+SoD (00806).

    For your next play through, you can only mod and use 00806 as it contains everything. You can play both parts with it.

    SoD saves use a separate folder so you can have a quick save for BG1EE and SoD at the same time. But you shouldn't need to copy anything. While in game, you should have access to the correct saves depending on if you select BG1EE or SoD in the UI.

  • XanadooXanadoo Member Posts: 17
    Thanks both.

    @lefreut Even after you explained about selecting the right game in the UI it took me 5 minutes to work that out. I'd assumed it was a simple toggle (between BG/SOD and BP) and not a three way option.

    I might need to do some work in tidying up my save games and making sure that my mods are completely consistent (I've spotted an incorrect string on an item) but I think I'm good to go and not so far through that I'll lose anything by restarting.

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