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Infinity Engine: Armor Quickslots

KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 454
Yes, armor quickslots!

Because why not?

As an avid Fighter/Thief fan, i often find myself very annoyed by the games mechanics.
Such as.. faffing about in full plate because i need the ac and/or other protections, but then come across a lock, trap or an encounter i wish to backstab.. thus wear leather.

But that means opening up the inventory, doing the swap, back to adventure and then another inventory and swap afterwards.

So ya.. my feature request is:
Have an armor quickslot feature just like weapons.
I see this being valuable for warrior types as well.. red dragon armor, blue dragon armor.. etc, less inventory hassle, more fun and adventure!

It would also help give the game a much needed modernization of the UI, because let's face it.. annoying things like these, or the lack of quality of life features, are tell tale signs of old and dated games

Of course the no combat switch should remain.

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