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Sandrah Saga worth it or not?

beatlegbeatleg Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone. I'm planning on doing an EET playthrough for the first time (finished the EE games a couple of years ago) and i'm having trouble deciding wether or not to play with the Sandrah Saga mod. At first, i was surprised by the amount of content that it has (quests, character interactions, new zones, extended main story) and got really excited about playing it, so i made a full installation of the EET with all the big mods including it. And then... god it was so cringy. I had her in my party for five minutes and it felt so out of place and badly written that i couldn't continue.
So the question is: Has anyone ever completed the whole mod, and if so, does it get any better character wise? i'm not asking for Chris Avellone levels of writing but come on.
I am also aware of all the drama surrounding the creator, but i am more interested in the overall quality of the mod and how it integrates in the main game + the other quest mods.

Thanks for reading!

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