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Is my Undead Hunter bugged?

Hi. I'm using the Undead Hunter from the Pregen party for HoW and he's currently at level 13.

The thing is: he can only Smite Evil 1/day, use Detect Evil 1/day and use Protection from Evil 1/day for his special abilities.

Is this correct? From playing Bg2, I would have thought he'd have as many PfE and DE's as any other paladin, which should be more than 1/day in both cases?



  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 165
    I read the description and it says paladins can cast detect evil at will, so the '1' next to its icon doesn't really mean anything, just cast as many times as you like :)

    The protection from evil lasts 24 hours so casting it once pretty much sets you up for the entire day (and it only works on the paladin), so that's probably why there is only one charge (and that's the same for all paladins).

    The descriptions also says you only get one charge of smite evil at all levels. Sadly.

    TL:DR: your undead hunter is working as intended. Huzzah!

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 336
    Niiiice. That all makes sense to me, thanks!

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