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Can not click on part of screen....

BrabeumBrabeum Member Posts: 11
edited January 2019 in Technical Support
I have found it impossible to agree to trades when the trade window is in the upper right hand corner of my screen, or when vendoring to sell some things. Lately this dead area of the screen I can't click in has grown larger, to the point where I have to rotate the camera and run away from combat to reposition the things I am trying to target. Today after dozens of close shaves it finally killed me.

I've tried multiple clean installs and this issue persists, but I have no problem clicking on that part of my screen in any other program so I don't think it is just me. But I also don't see this issue in the 10 pages I just looked through and so I thought I had better ask...

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or do I need to get a new computer?

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