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All-Pro Jolly Comic Party

I wonder what would be a perfect party from comedy point of view.
Perfect = most fun + banters + cohesion (veeery subjective criterion)

I feel like such a party has to feature Jan Jansen; that guy is the foundation, the backbone, MVP of crafty silliness. But what about the rest? Or maybe you see a better cornerstone than gnome vegetable peddler?

Please share your thoughts on the matter.



  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,063
    I would include Korgan, his dark humor balance out Jan's sillyness well. Mazzy goes well with Korgan. Throw in Edwin, Jaheira and Viconia for a well balanced party.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,828
    edited January 8
    i would say that playing with the vanilla (english language) or with a localized version of the game has a great impact on that matter as the voice of the npc voicing actors has as much impact as the text.

    i play with a italy localized version of the original game and with a standard english version of the EE game, depending on the mods i use, so it is particularly evident for me, my imoen, jaheira, minsc and irenicus are not the same persons when i play in a way or the other, i perceive them in a different way. and i happen to like very much neera, that obviously i have only in the english speaking version, but i suspect that is more cause i like very much the actress voice than for the personality of the toon. probably also the fact that i can not stand edvin is due to the fact that he sounds so arrogant, in a way i can not like, in the italian version. i really must force me sometimes to give him a try in the EE engine, thing that till now i had not done cause it happens also that i always RP to play good, so the only evil npcs that i use are the 2 that have a chance of changing their alignment and korgan, that is evil but at least is clear about being a mercenary, i have to pay him to join my group.

    one thing that i would really like, maybe i must post a mod request, is to have the behavior of viky and the pally if they both are in the party. i am fine to have her evil, as she grow up in a drow society, and i am also fine to have him too rigid and a little racist (he dislikes she cause she is drow, so evil, even if the fact that she can change alignment proves that she is not inherently evil). i am not fine about the fact that a pally can kill so easily an evil cleric, it all depends on the level they are when the final act of their relationship comes. i had them both once in the party at high levels using a mod that avoids conflicts between npcs and the effect on keldorn of viconia activating her turn undead was really hilarious...
    ;) >:) :D
    i would like the mod to have her turning him every time he approaches her if her level is appropriate to do it, and then ask me politely to remove that not useful piece of crap from the party, if her level is not enough high to do it then the usual outcome is fine.

  • thiefthief Member Posts: 39
    Korgan is a great pick, pairing him with good characters is comic itself.

    When it comes to localized versions, I have the same opinion. I played a localized version almost exclusively, I think they did a great job with hiring well established actors, most of them with theatre resume... but it results with characters slightly different from original ones (Irenicus is a vast improvement, but Viconia sounds way too old, etc.)

    I'm thinking about the core: Minsc, Jan, Edwin, Korgan. Moron and little guys doing their routine while making fun of buffoon mage. The problem is, Mazzy, Nalia and Jaheira would all make great supporting characters, but there is just one spot left.
    And having two girls on the team feels more like proper comedy show cast.

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