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Persistent Minimap with GetTileExplored & SetTileExplored

HimmelweissHimmelweiss Member Posts: 72
edited February 2019 in Builders - Scripting
So, yesterday i was bored and played arround with the functions GetTileExplored & SetTileExplored so i am justly simply sharing it here.

Script is supposed to run for the Events "Area OnEnter/OnExit" and "Module OnPlayerRest".
So it saves the minimap vision/fogofwar state of the current area to the bio db on every area enter/exit and player rest.

Take/use it at your own risk because it was just a quick test, didn't really run an super hard test cycle with it.

const string MINIMAP_DB = "minimap_db"; void main() { object oArea = OBJECT_SELF; object oPC = GetEnteringObject(); if (oPC == OBJECT_INVALID) oPC = GetExitingObject(); if (oPC == OBJECT_INVALID) { oPC = GetLastPCRested(); oArea = GetArea(oPC); } if(!GetIsPC(oPC)) return; int iAreaHeight = GetAreaSize(AREA_HEIGHT, oArea); int iAreaWidth = GetAreaSize(AREA_WIDTH, oArea); string sAreaResRef = GetResRef(oArea); string sMap = GetCampaignString(MINIMAP_DB, sAreaResRef, oPC); string sX; string sY; struct sStringTokenizer stTok = GetStringTokenizer(sMap, ","); while (HasMoreTokens(stTok)) { stTok = AdvanceToNextToken(stTok); sX = GetNextToken(stTok); stTok = AdvanceToNextToken(stTok); sY = GetNextToken(stTok); SetTileExplored(oPC, oArea, StringToInt(sX), StringToInt(sY), 1); //SendMessageToPC(oPC, "explored sX: " + sX + " / sY: " + sY); } sMap=""; int x; int y; for (x = 0; x < iAreaWidth; x++) { for (y = 0; y < iAreaHeight; y++) { if (GetTileExplored(oPC, oArea, x, y)) { sMap += IntToString(x)+","+IntToString(y)+","; } } } SetCampaignString(MINIMAP_DB, sAreaResRef, sMap, oPC); }

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