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Need assistance with save files in EE (Steam)

Hi all,

I started PS for the first time last night and I am loving it. At the end of my play session last night (almost left the Mortuary) I made a manual save and exited the game. I booted up the game this morning, played for about an hour and a half, quick saving occasionally as I played. I saw this dragon like character in the Hive and quicksaved before approaching him. When I did, Morte warned me to leave him alone. I figured "hey, I just quicksaved so who cares?" I keep talking to him and he kills me. No biggie, I can just load my file. Except when I go to the load screen... all the quick saves from today aren't there.

Only the slots I had filled up from the previous day and the manual save I made before I signed off. So I try testing out my quick save function to make sure I wasn't stupidly missing something... but no. It keeps saying it's successful. But it never shows up in the list of quick saves. So I think "do I have to manually delete the quick save slots to make room for new ones?" So I delete all but one of them.... and no, I can't make any more. So instead I decide, ok I'll make a manual save over the manual save from last night. I do that and... it disappears! Not "replaced" it just deletes it! So I make a brand new manual save and FINALLY it sticks. So I can make NEW manual saves, but apparently quick saves don't work and manual overwriting is a no go.

I did some research and apparently similar issues, but not identical ones were happening to those with Anti Virus software but the fixes I saw suggested haven't changed anything on my end. I will note though that when I went to investigate the file locations on my computer... the ones I deleted are still there! Or at least it looks like it, when I click on some of them it says "access denied" but I know at least some of the "deleted" ones I'm able to open. My saves are located here:

C:\Users\seang\OneDrive\Documents\Planescape Torment - Enhanced Edition\save

Can someone please help me? I fell in love with this game so quickly and now it doesn't want me to play it!

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