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Poison immunity cost vs saving throw: Poison cost

fot1fot1 Member Posts: 63
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this doubt, but I'm not sure what forum does this belongs?

Using the toolset I've created an amulet with poison immunity, and it ends with the cost next to 1k gold. If I try to create another amulet with poison saving throw bonus and set it to +2, it ends up costing actually 900 gold. I'm confused, won't poison immunity be better than +100 poison saving throw? Why is poison immunity so cheap, and the saving throw for poison is so expansive? Am I missing something?


  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 808
    The values for properties are set by Bioware's old 2das. There are several instances for item properties as well as other things where the values provided by the game don't match what they should be, or even where items are able to provide features they usually cannot provide. This tends to create various anomalous features like the one you're describing. Usually the solution is to work around it and don't stick with the standard values.

  • fot1fot1 Member Posts: 63
    So the best way to work around this issue is to modify the 2da directly, or manually tweak the item values?

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