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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition game features are missing

No matter how I tweak my character's skill points and dump them in craft armor/craft weapon, I have zero options on the radial menu to change the helmet and shield appearances (yes the items are equipped). I also have no option for changing colors on anything (armor, cloak, weapon, shield, helmet). Nor can I add a robe to the armor.

I have not added any custom haks/mods/texturepacks to the game.

Do these features even exist in NWN:EE or is 'Enhanced Edition' secret code for 'worse edition'?

Running NWN:EE v78.8186

Any help would be appreciated.



  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 124
    Crafting works the same as it did in 1.69. I suggest you install the Customize Character Appearance (CCA) override mod. I suspect you had it in your old game and have just forgotten about it.

  • jmaximumjmaximum Member Posts: 3
    Aaezil said:

    This post

    I'm glad it made you laugh?

    Thanks Rashkae! Out of 4 different forums I posted in for help, you are the ONLY ONE to provide usable info!

    Thanks again!

  • jmaximumjmaximum Member Posts: 3
    OK, additional issue bug: using one of the magic anvils I found: I have the recipe, the gems needed, and the weapon. place gems/recipe/weapon in anvil inventory. close inventory, receive dialogue that I can't upgrade recipes or gems. Remove gems, leave weapon in anvil. Receive dialog about what I want to upgrade, select uprade. Receive dialog that I have 0 gem required to complete the upgrade. WTF??????

  • mojoswager1980mojoswager1980 Member Posts: 9
    Calm Down, your too emotional. You have a very aggressive way of asking for help and if you had just googled your query you would have your answer and wouldnt come across like you are. I understand your frustrated but, if you want help, you got to chill .The game is pissing you off, but your in here tripping like sombody did this to you on purpose and the fact is homeboy this is a case of user error . You only place the item and 1 magical regent in the anvil .

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