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Migrating old servervault

So I’m migrating the server to nwn EE and I have it up and running. But I’m not sure how to transfer over the old servervault so everyone has access to their characters. I put the servervault files in the folder called servervault in the my documents nwn folder but it doesn’t appear to be working.

I tried creating a new character to see if it would generate a servervault folder and then I could just drag in the servervault.. but I can’t seem to find the folder that’s holding the character I made. Any idea where this might be located?

Same with the serverdescription.txt? There is one in nwn documents folder but changes don’t take affect.



  • ricoyungricoyung Member Posts: 70
    Here is the only info I have about vault migration (spoiler), hope it helps and I cannot confirm this is correct because I have not tried it yet but I found it here @BD forum.

    the server admin copies their 1.69 servervault to the new NWN:EE user directory ~/nwn/oldservervault.
    The server admin creates the “oldservervault.2da” file in ~/nwn/override that contains the player ID / CD Key pairs of their 1.69 users (such as the following):

    2DA V2.0

    Player CDKey169
    0 trilobyte USVE763A
    1 trinketpony UCDEFGHJ
    2 trottingkrip URERLADE

    When a client logs in to a server, we will provide you with the public NWN:EE CD key. But, we will also provide (if the user has moved their nwncdkey.ini into their ~/nwn folder) the 1.69 key to the server, at startup, along with the player’s name.

    When nwserver/NWN:EE sees a user log in with a new CD Key (and has no characters built), but matches the player name in the oldservervault list, we will look at their 1.69 Key and verify that it is the same as the one that was passed in. If they are the same, we will copy the files from oldservervault/trottingkrip to servervault/(NWN:EE CDKey), and then disallow those files to be copied ever again.

    Example of how this works. Trottingkrip used your server extensively before NWN:EE to create Deekin’s cousin Beekin (trottingkrip is terrible at naming characters), and now you’re running a NWN:EE server alongside the 1.69 server to allow people to migrate as they see fit.

    So, trottingkrip logs in to the NWN:EE server (which he can see from the in-game server browser that accesses (yet-to-be-determined-URL-for-master-server). His NWN:EE public CD Key is UKJKHDWE, and 1.69 public CD Key: URERLADE.

    We examine the folders:
    ~/nwn/servervault/UKJKHDWE has no characters.

    But there is a character here:

    Since trottingkrip is the player’s name, and they’ve given their 1.69 public CD Key, nwserver can copy the .bic characters from oldservervault/trottingkrip to servervault/UKJKHDWE, and then changing the file extension of the oldservervault characters to ensure they can’t be automatically copied again (but we leave the files there, just in case you need to restore a specific user’s copy ability).


    If the PW client has not installed their 1.69 CD Key, they will show up without their servervault characters, and be given the opportunity to make a new one. The server admins (and forum stickys) can then counsel them on how to install the old nwncdkey.ini file into their new working directory to use the PWs they know and love in NWN:EE

  • jpsweeney94jpsweeney94 Member Posts: 15
    edited January 28
    thanks for the reply. so if i understand it right, not only does every player need to move their old nwncdkey ini file into their own documents/nwn folder, I also need to list every single one of them in a 2da file with their 169 public key?? Really the only/best way?? there is over 1000 in the vault, ugh.

    Guess i will just do it on case by case basis. So where do i get the 169 key from?? I tested with myself and i have the ini file from 169 in my documents/nwn directory. In the server log i get:

    "[Mon Jan 28 10:20:50] "USER" ("KEY") Joined as Player 1"

    I assume this is the EE key? Where do i get the 169 key. thanks

  • QuilistanQuilistan Member Posts: 61
    All I did was put the character files into the appropriate players folder in the servervault. They will probably need to create a character to create their folder, but it was pretty easy cut and paste after that.

  • jpsweeney94jpsweeney94 Member Posts: 15
    thanks for the help. Ya i found it was much easier to have players just create a character to generate the key folder in the vault, and use the server log to see who it belongs to. then i just drag and drop old chars...

    Now i just need to find the option to add max hit points per level to the server... is it something to add to the target line of the server shortcut?? like "-Max Hit Point=1" ?? not sure spaces would work though?

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 76
    Max Hit Points is one of the NWNPlayer.ini settings you can set under the server option heading.  Max Hit Points=1

    Generally speaking past PW's have recorded a players 1.69 public cdkey to a database with their account name and booted players that tried to log into that account with a different public key as a security measure since the protection to stop people from logging into someone else's account was lost when the Master Servers originally went down.  That's where most acquire their list of public keys and account names from to form the oldservault.2da file. 

    I know you found a solution that works for you, but figured I'd post this here for whoever searches for the answer next.

  • jpsweeney94jpsweeney94 Member Posts: 15
    oh thanks for the info. Dont think that record keeping was done with this server. Will hit point settings in my nwnplayer ini file apply to the server im hosting for everyone?? I thought that was for hosting a server in-game. Im using the nwserver client

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 76
    The server host should have such a file to set such options in.   There's a number of server specific options in there that you can set, the servers copy of the ini on those sorts of settings applies in multi-player rather then each individual players settings.

    This is where you setup things like hide the challenge rating of a creature, the effects on them, hide max hit points, if the vault will be by player name or by NWN:EE public cdkey, automatic failure on a 1 (for saving throws).

  • jpsweeney94jpsweeney94 Member Posts: 15
    ah ok, excuse my ignorance but where is the server ini? ive just been using the nwserver interface and the target/command line of the server shortcut to change options

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