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Еffect of 'Animal Summoning I' spell does not match its description.

Description of the spell states 'By means of this spell, the caster calls between 2 and 3 animals that have 4 Hit Dice or less...' But quite often only 1 (one) creature summoned (Dire Wolf, 4 HD).



  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    It may be useful to someone:

    In my case, editing the file 'SPANIM1.EFF' (in the program 'Near Infinity') helped. After changing the value of the 'Total XP' field from 14 to 18 (the value was chosen experimentally).

    Brief test (about 20 times) showed good results - allways summoned from 2 to 3 apropriate animals (as stated in description of this spell).

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    For what I was able to understand, this spell summons a number of creatures = to Total XP/Power Level rounded up.

    The power level of the Dire Wolf is 14; for the War Dog it is 8. The original value for the spell is 14, so...

    14/14 = 1

    14/8 = 1,75 (that turns into a 2).

    When you changed to 18 you altered it like that:

    18/14 = 1,28 (that turns into a 2).

    18/8 = 2,25 (that turns into a 3).

    I made a fix for this issue and added it to Deities of Faerûn, but I've decided to use 24 as a value.

    24/14 = 1,71 (that turns into a 2)

    24/8 = 3.

    Honestly IDK if my value is better or worse than yours, but I've decided to pick an exact division.

    Great report, by the way.

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