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Is there Animate Dead in Icewind Dale?

I would like to know if this spell exists for wizards and priests and whether there is a scroll for scribing it.


  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 310
    Goida said:
    I would like to know if this spell exists for wizards and priests and whether there is a scroll for scribing it.

    Not sure about the scroll but it exists. In priests/sorcerors in particular.

  • AerichAerich Member Posts: 110
    Clerics have access to it automatically upon reaching level 5, as it is a lvl 3 cleric spell. Druids do not have access to it. Wizards need a scroll for it, and it is a level 5 spell for them, so they get it at character level 9. A bard can learn it from a scroll also, at character level 13. A sorceror picks spells instead of scribing them, and so could learn it as early as character level 10 - whether that should be the first pick over Cloudkill, etc. is another question. 

    I tend to always have at least one cleric, so it's not a spell I cast often with an arcane caster.

  • GoidaGoida Member Posts: 118
    So it's the same situation as in BG. Wizard/priest versions, wizard scroll. I've heard something strange about there being an AD scroll for priests in Icewind Dale, no?

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,326
    There are a few clerical scrolls in BG, but they are very much an afterthought there. However, in IWD there are a considerable number of cleric scrolls (and druid scrolls). Those are generally far less important than mage ones though as they can only be used to cast spells once, not learn them like mage scrolls.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,564
    as far as i recall animate dead scrolls in IWD there is only one, and it's a mage scroll which is found:
    severed hand in one of the towers

    although there might be another one in HoW sold from either holmes in the inn or buddy on the undead island not sure though

    also note, animated dead in IWD is different than it is in the BG series

    in the bg series you summon one skelly who gradually improves on the priest/mage's level

    in IWD you summon up to 1-6 skellies/zombies of low level in one casting, being able to have a maximum of 6 summoned undead hommies

    but even though the undead are low tier and never get stronger sometimes you will summon skelly archers who have flaming arrows which is nice, other times the skellies will use high quality weapons ( although the skellies never drop said items when slain )

  • GoidaGoida Member Posts: 118
    Thank you for clearing that up. I'm making a mod of Animate Dead for EE games that will really animate surrounding corpses, more or less like in pen-and-paper. It should be out in a couple of weeks. I wanted to know if there is anything special to change/rewrite about this spell in Icewind Dale.

  • GundanRTOGundanRTO Member Posts: 31
    IWD Animate Dead is actually better for HoF, since their HP's scale along with other creatures. So, they can serve as decent, and easily replenished, meat shields for a Heart of Fury run.

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